August 29th Foot Golf

Southside Post 19:59 Aug 14th, 2015 Updated 23:16 Aug 14th, 2015 Posted by Director of Events & Partnerships

Hi everyone! We’re only 2 weeks away from our Foot Golf event!  I need to give the course final numbers a few days beforehand though, so if you’re on the fence about attending, make the decision and buy your spot!  There are couple things have changed since the original post, so I’ll go over it …

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Cascadia Away – Seattle – Saturday, August 1st

Southside Post 18:34 Jul 29th, 2015 Updated 20:26 Jul 29th, 2015 Posted by Kyle Braun

Hello, Southsiders! This Saturday is the big one – Seattle Away!  Hundreds of ‘Caps Supporters will be trekking down the I-5 for a crucial Cascadia match, and we want to share some information to make things go smoothly Pre-Match We have secured a venue exclusively for the use of Vancouver Whitecaps supporters for a pre-match …

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Cascadia Away — Portland, July 18th & Seattle, August 1st

Southside Post 10:56 Jul 10th, 2015 Posted by Kyle Braun

With our two most popular #CapsOnTour trips rapidly approaching, and with our Cascadia Cup fate very much in the balance, we are looking forward to two successful road trip to Portland and Seattle in the coming weeks.  As these are our two most popular trips, we want to go over a few key points   …

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Message from the President: Our All. Our Honour

Southside Post 09:59 Mar 28th, 2015 Updated 13:34 Mar 28th, 2015 Posted by admin

Update: The Whitecaps have issued the following statement in response to supporters groups’ planned protests:   Original statement below:  “OUR ALL. OUR HONOUR.”   As many of you are aware the Whitecaps have created a scarf using the trademarked likeness of the Cascadia Cup. There are many questions and concerns about this from our membership …

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Portland Away – May 2nd, 2015

Southside Post 10:06 Mar 15th, 2015 Updated 18:51 Apr 2nd, 2015 Posted by admin

Tickets for the Cascadia Cup away game in Portland on May 2nd, 2015 are now on sale. Please not the following: Tickets are $55 CAD for this match – the poor USD-CAD exchange rate is forcing us to sell the tickets at this price, even though the face value of the tickets is lower than …

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Message from the President: Call for volunteers

Southside Post 14:36 Mar 11th, 2015 Posted by admin

Greetings Southside Faithful! First kick has come and gone and we are truly in the thick of it again. If our boys in blue and white are able to consistently deliver the way they did in that first half we are in for one hell of a ride this year. It’s brutal to give up …

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Doolin's Irish Pub

Southsiders Announce 2015 Home Pub!

Southside Post 20:53 Jan 29th, 2015 Updated 21:16 Jan 29th, 2015 Posted by media

The Vancouver Southsiders are pleased to announce Doolin’s Irish Pub as the Official 2015 Home of the Vancouver Southsiders. Doolin’s has been the home of the Southsiders since the Whitecaps moved downtown during the MLS Inaugural 2011 Season. Doolin’s has provided the Southsiders with a place to gather before and after all home matches in …

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“I used to hang out with him in Churchgate

Southside Post 03:59 Dec 23rd, 2014 Updated 21:44 Oct 22nd, 2018 Posted by xczimi

Canada Goose Outlet That is why Herzog has made the film in 3D. The paintings are about 32000 years old and they remained well preserved for such a long time because of a landslide that occurred in ancient times closing the cave’s entry with debris. Humans 30000 years ago were sensitive, artistic, spiritual, and communicated …

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Choose migrate Pokemon and follow the steps

Southside Post 17:31 Dec 22nd, 2014 Updated 02:27 Oct 23rd, 2018 Posted by xczimi

replica handbags china Oh, by the way, make sure the Pokemon you want to migrate are in the PC. Choose migrate Pokemon and follow the steps. After you do that, go south of twinleaf town, and then go as far east as you can go. Brazil has no single centralized land registry. Instead, about 3,400 …

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For most people, concerns and worries are alleviated by

Southside Post 18:56 Dec 21st, 2014 Updated 20:50 Oct 22nd, 2018 Posted by xczimi

canada goose factory sale We eat too much, we eat too unhealthily and we don’t exercise enough. That is reality, and that is why we are obese. We would be wise to be less smug in our reaction to Deen’s diagnosis and a bit more introspective as we reach for our next double cheeseburger and …

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