Away match viewing party, Saturday, April 20th. Kickoff 12:00pm

MLS Round 8: Orlando City

Southside Post 10:37 Apr 19th, 2019 Updated 13:14 Apr 19th, 2019 Posted by admin

Away Game Day Info Saturday, April 20th, Kickoff 12:00pm The madmen went and did it! The Whitecaps slew the early-season giant! Our Whitecaps held LAFC off the score sheet for the team’s second clean sheet of the season (and third clean sheet since April 27th, 2018), making Inbeom’s wicked strike after Adnan’s charging run and …

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MLS Round 7: LAFC

Southside Post 11:08 Apr 16th, 2019 Updated 12:54 Apr 17th, 2019 Posted by admin

Home Game Day Info Wednesday, April 17th, Kickoff 7:00pm It’s another round of David versus Goliath. An undefeated, top of the league LAFC come to BC Place to face off against our yet-to-be-feated not-quite-bottom-of-the-league-but-close Whitecaps. Please forgive the brevity and less than usual amount of jokes in this game day preview. There’s a vitally important …

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“A Horrific Canadian Soccer Story” – Recent Timeline and Links

Southside Post 23:04 Apr 15th, 2019 Updated 22:00 Apr 20th, 2019 Posted by admin

In February, a scandal involving the Vancouver Whitecaps & Canada Soccer, based on alleged actions by a former employee, was brought out into the public by a blog post written by a former Whitecaps player, Ciara McCormack. Since then, others have come forward to add their voices of support, as well as bring more information …

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Away match viewing party at Library Square: Whitecaps at Chicago Fire. Kickoff 5:30pm.

MLS Round 6: Chicago Fire

Southside Post 20:18 Apr 10th, 2019 Updated 20:19 Apr 10th, 2019 Posted by admin

Away Game Day Info Friday, April 12th, Kickoff 5:30pm I have an idea: let’s have a game without penalties. A game where neither team earns one, or deserves one. There won’t be a penalty called then rescinded. There won’t be a yet another blog post by PRO talking about how they got things wrong and …

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Whitecaps vs Galaxy Supporters Warm-Up, Friday, April 5th, 5pm @ Library Square

MLS Round 5: Los Angeles Galaxy

Southside Post 19:12 Apr 3rd, 2019 Updated 20:41 Apr 3rd, 2019 Posted by admin

Home Game Day Info Friday, April 5th, Kickoff 7:00pm Last Saturday, the Whitecaps got their first point of 2019 and managed to hold off one of the league’s best scoring teams while doing so! Seattle went home frustrated after expecting a win. Some people want to be salty about that result, but maybe take a …

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Home game vs Seattle Sounds. Member table open at 3:00pm, march at 6:00pm

MLS Round 4: Seattle Sounders

Southside Post 20:07 Mar 27th, 2019 Updated 20:07 Mar 27th, 2019 Posted by admin

Home Game Day Info Saturday, March 30th, Kickoff 7:00pm Our two road games had two things in common: 1) they were losses; and 2) PRO wrote blog posts afterwards explaining why our opponent’s game-winning penalties should not have been awarded. So chalk us up for two points in the “moral victories” standings (or should that …

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Introducing the South Sisters

Introducing the South Sisters

Southside Post 20:51 Mar 14th, 2019 Posted by admin

The Vancouver Southsiders Soccer Supporters Society is pleased to announce the formation of the South Sisters as an official committee of the society. By formal resolution passed at the meeting of the Board of Directors held on March 11th, 2019, the South Sisters committee was established with the mission to address the specific needs and …

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Away viewing at Library Square: Whitecaps at Dynamo. Kickoff 12:00

MLS Round 3: Houston Dynamo

Southside Post 16:00 Mar 14th, 2019 Updated 16:01 Mar 14th, 2019 Posted by admin

Away Game Day Info Saturday, March 16th, Kickoff 12:00pm We’ve seen two games played and have no points to show for it, though there seems to have emerged an near-unanimous consensus that the penalty that lead to RSL’s game winning goal should not have been called. All of the blurry screenshots assembled into photo essays, …

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MLS Round 2: Real Salt Lake

Southside Post 23:54 Mar 6th, 2019 Updated 17:38 Mar 7th, 2019 Posted by admin

Away Game Day Info Saturday, March 9th, Kickoff 3:00pm First kick happened. What did we learn? We learned that Jon Erice and Inbeom Hwang have the skills to pay the bills, but they need more time for the team to get comfortable with each other. The system is new to everyone and it showed. There …

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Home game vs MNUFC. Member table set up at 9:30am, march at 2:00pm

MLS 2019 Round 1: MNUFC

Southside Post 21:54 Feb 27th, 2019 Updated 21:55 Feb 27th, 2019 Posted by admin

Home Game Day Info Saturday, March 2nd, Kickoff 3:00pm It’s finally here! The first competitive match of the Marc Dos Santos era will be played against the Loons aka Minnesota United. The long off-season, with its litany of roster and technical staff changes, will finally be behind us. And what lies ahead? MDS has stated …

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