Scarves Up For Our Volunteers (PART 1)

Southside Post 12:06 Nov 5th, 2017 Updated 21:39 Feb 25th, 2018 Posted by media

This is the first in a series of thank you messages from the Southsiders Executive Board to our many volunteers who made 2017 such an enjoyable experience for our little community. Part 1 acknowledges the hard work of our social media volunteers and our Southsiders Digital Team.

We cannot overstate how lucky we are to have Duncan Nicol as our in-house photographer. His pictures are ALWAYS fantastic. Covering our marches, matches, away travel & social events is basically a full time job. THANK YOU Duncan for your heroic efforts behind the lens. Please check out his superb photo galleries at

The work by our Southsiders Digital Team has also been incredible. Tremendous thanks go to Darren Alexander, Aidan Rantoul, Oskar Steiner and Steve Kavanagh for grinding out so many videos and graphics for us! They looked absolutely fantastic. In case you weren’t aware, these fellows were responsible for creating things like the MTTM videos, our awesome social media banners, #CapsOnTV event posters, our scarf and T-shirt designs, our rocking new compass crest and so much more. THANK YOU!

Our internal and external communications is an enormous job. It takes a lot of work to keep our members informed about our pre-match activities, our #CapsOnTV away viewings, our social events and our fundraising efforts. We also had several people generating content for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, our website and our News Flash membership e-mails throughout the year. A sincere THANK YOU to Aaryn Vivian, Chris Corrigan, Brandon O’Connor, Ryan Burns, Victor Sum, Paul Sabourin-Hertzog, Peter Czimmerman, John Knox, Duncan Nicol and a few others.

An extra round of applause is due to Rebecca Bollwitt, better known to the Twitter-verse as @Miss604. THANK YOU Rebecca for your awesomely entertaining Twitter takeovers on match days in Vancouver.

John Knox, Vice President
Vancouver Southsiders Communications

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