Seattle away trip September 17

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Important information on Seattle Away September 17 trip.

Please read very carefully.
Cascadia Away
Please read through the general Away Travel Policies and the Southsiders Code of Conduct. Anyone who travels with us is subject to these policies — no exceptions.  This means that you and your friends and/or family members that are making the trip with you are held to the same standard.  And ultimately, you are responsible for them.  If anyone in the group fails to abide by these rules, travel privileges will be revoked, and funds allocated to future away trips forfeited.  Basically, don’t be a dick, and you’ll be fine.


05:30 gathering at Burrard street SkyTrain station, filling out waiver documents.
05:45 boarding the buses (collecting waiver documents and photocopies of passports)
06:00 Buses depart from Burrard station, WE WILL NOT WAIT FOR YOU.
06:15 (estimated) pickup at Empire Field (E Hastings @ Windemere)
06:30 (estimated) pickup at Braid station 
06:45 (estimated) pickup at Campbell River Store. 
08:00 (estimated) stop at Costcutters, purchasing provisions for the trip
10:45 (estimated) buses arrive at Stadium.
11:00 NE gate opens for away supporters. 
      Entry with flags and personal tifo is MANDATORY at this time. 
      Entry is HIGHLY recommended at this time.
13:00 Kickoff.
15:00 Conclusion of the game (3 points). Our sections will be held for 20 minutes.
      You have been warned. PLEASE BE PATIENT, NO DRAMA, DON'T BE A DICK.
16:00 (estimated) Buses depart from Centurylink parking lot. 
19:30 (estimated) Buses arrive back to Vancouver, making stops 
      at Campbell River Store, Braid station and Empire Field
      with final dropoff at Burrard Station.

Stadium entry

CenturyLink stadium has very strict limitations on bags (14x14x6 inch), leave it on the bus or in your car. Be at the NE gate at 11am, especially if you have personal tifo, flags, or you just want a better spot in the stands.

Prohibited items: Animals (service animals ok), Beach balls/frisbee, Bottles (glass), Cans, Coolers/Ice chests, Drugs/Illegal Substances, Fireworks/Flares/Smoke Bombs, Flammable liquids, Flasks, Glass Containers, Laser pens/pointers, Pepper spray, Weapons, Whistles, All laptops

Ticket only

if you purchased a ticket only for this game, you’re missing out on the bus! We still have a few seats available, change your mind now!

Your ticket is available for download from the membership app, please print it as they will check it upon entering the away supporter sections. All away supporters’ sections are General Admission, the seat printed on your ticket is NOT your seat.

Bus travellers

Thank you so much for joining us on the buses! We have two buses, and expect great times on the way down and up the I-5.

Your match ticket is available for download from the membership app, please print it as they will check it upon entering the away supporter sections.All away supporters’ sections are General Admission, the seat printed on your ticket is NOT your seat. For the few of you who are not a members (yet!) I’ll email you the pdf.

Note that you won’t be able to bring back any of your purchases back to Canada as we are away less than 24 hours.

Travellers checklist

  • Valid passport, enhanced drivers license or nexus card
  • Photocopy of your travel document (we will collect this and give it back/destroy it upon return)
  • Travel insurance coverage.
  • Match ticket printed.
  • Supporters gear. Bring your best and loudest voice.
  • Cooler for your refreshments, please bring a smaller one if possible so it fits under your seats. Coordinate with your fellow travellers and share a bigger one. You can buy ice at Cost Cutters.
  • Moderation. It will be a long day, drink with pace. Our boys on the pitch need our full support while we are in the stadium. Drunk idiots will not be tolerated.

… and as always

Don’t be a dick.




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