Cascadia Away – Seattle – Saturday, August 1st

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Cascadia Away

Hello, Southsiders!
This Saturday is the big one – Seattle Away!  Hundreds of ‘Caps Supporters will be trekking down the I-5 for a crucial Cascadia match, and we want to share some information to make things go smoothly


We have secured a venue exclusively for the use of Vancouver Whitecaps supporters for a pre-match location.  The ShowBox SODO Lounge (1700 1st Avenue South – roughly a 15 minute walk to the NE Gate of the CLink) will open its doors to Supporters at 2pm and feature a full kitchen and bar staff for pre-match festivities.  There is no cover at the location, though it is 21+ only.  We’ll have TVs on showing other MLS games during the day.

Stadium Entry

All supporters will be entering the Stadium via the NorthEast gate at 5:15pm.  Due to the hot weather conditions, sealed water bottles will be allowed into the stadium.  Anyone bringing large flags or banners that they wish to hang should contact Kyle ( for special entry instructions.

Ticket Distribution

Tickets have all been distributed via an e-mail from .  If you need a ticket, you have until Thursday night to buy them via the following link!

Use the promo code CAPS2015 (Note: You can also buy your Seattle Away CCL edition tickets here as well)


We will be in our usual spot at CenturyLink Field – Sections 300-301.  These seating areas will be General Admission — that means that the seat info printed on your ticket is NOT the seat that you will be sitting (standing) in.  The section on your tickets, however, will be correct.  For the best seats, please show up to the stadium at least 90-105 minutes before kick-off and claim the best seats available.

If you see areas of the stands that are taped or blocked off, DO NOT MOVE OR INTERFERE WITH THESE AREAS.  We have those spaces reserved for the drums, capos and other trip volunteers.

You should expect to have flags in your way at one point or another during the match.  While we don’t anticipate it happening often, you should expect to have a flag in your way during the course of play as well.  Should there be any threats or inappropriate behaviours resulting from this, you can expect a chat from security, and the possibility of ejection from the section.  We are all there to support the boys in blue and white, not fight each other.

After the Match

As with all Cascadia matches, traveling fans will be held in their section after the final whistle until the stadium empties.  We’re expecting 55,000+ fans at the CLink, so the hold time could be up to 30 minutes.  PLEASE STAY IN YOUR SEATS, JOIN THE CHANTS, AND DO NOT TRY TO PUSH UP AGAINST SECURITY.  This goes with our general Away Travel Policy – Don’t Be A Dick

Away Travel Policies

Please read through the general Away Travel Policies and the Southsiders Code of Conduct.

Anyone who travels with us is subject to these policies — no expections.  This means that you and your friends and/or family members that are making the trip with you are held to the same standard.  And ultimately, you are responsible for them.  If anyone in the group fails to abide by these rules, travel privileges will be revoked, and funds allocated to future away trips forfeited.  Basically, don’t be a dick, and you’ll be fine.


Save travels to everyone heading down the I-5, and I’ll see you in Washington State!

— Kyle Braun

Director of Away Travel


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