2022 Season: Be Kind, Be Loud.

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Happy New Season

Seven hundred thirty-five days have passed since the last time we got a chance to fill the supporters’ sections of BC Place. I hope the post will be shorter to read, it’s been a lot to endure and it’s not over just yet

This season snuck up on many of us, probably because we got stuck checking charts on a daily. (?!) basis.
Our group still managed to squeeze in an AGM in February. It re-elected a board who didn’t have much opportunity to prove themselves in 2021. Yeah, I was in hibernation, we were in hibernation, just like most non-essential things and services in our lives. Hibernate no more. We are back. All of us. Please allow me to (re?)introduce the Southsiders 2022 Executive. We are looking forward to serve and grow our membership, in short: support your support.

  • Peter Czimmermann – President & Secretary
  • Shayne Grimmer – Vice President & Director of Gameday Operations (TIFO/Stadium)
  • Steven Maddess – Treasurer
  • Craig McCulloch – Director of Communications
  • Tony Santos – Director of Membership & Recruitment
  • Dim McNami – Creative Director (Merchandise)
  • Cameron Prior – Director of Events & Away Travel (Partnerships)
  • Greg Petrie – Ombudsperson

The same consistency couldn’t be stated about the Whitecaps executives, as many of them were deservedly put on administrative leave, and there is yet another investigation commissioned – this time by the league – to “find out” how sexual abuse allegations had been handled at Our Club. Despite charges laid, and a recent guilty plea, sadly there have been no public updates from the investigation. Disappointing. The women suffering the abuse and the consequences of mishandled allegations deserve better.
The only comforting thing: knowing those former executives aren’t making any decisions right now.

We seem to be in the capable hands of Herr Schuster. Axel handled this situation amicably so far.

Last year, Vanni managed to spark the team and supporters into something special, and I’m looking forward to sing Stand By Me with all of you today.

Raise your scarves, wave your flags and be heard: Stand and sing with us for the Whitecaps – and for Ukraine.

See you at BC Place, see you in the Southside.

Peter Czimmermann

ps A few important notes about the supporters section, especially the general admission (between the 253/254 aisles)

Dublin Calling from around noon
Pay your bill on time.
March leaves at 1:45 sharp
Please enter the stadium at Gate G
There will be a small area in the 3rd/4th row of the section reserved for the capo and the drums. Please keep this area clear
One scarf, one seat. Save a seat for your friend or family using their scarf. Please do not abuse the process
Introduce yourself to your neighbours
Please help distribute individual flags
Feel free to ask questions from any of the supporters groups organizing the support in the section
Don’t be shy: Be active, stand, sing loud, clap, hold your scarf, wave your flag!
Follow the capo
Important: Very Large Flags will be flown during gameplay, they may block your view – they are part of our support, just like the songs we sing. The players love them.
PLEASE NOTE: We are vehemently against, and will not tolerate, violence and bigotry
Do not leave your seat until “Stand By Me” is sung.
Please help collect individual flags
We are all in this together!


Get your match tickets

Wednesday, Jul 17th, 19:30
Sporting Kansas City @ Vancouver Whitecaps
Saturday, Jul 20th, 19:30
Houston Dynamo @ Vancouver Whitecaps
Saturday, Aug 24th, 16:30
Los Angeles Football Club @ Vancouver Whitecaps
Tuesday, Aug 27th, 19:30
Pacific FC @ Vancouver Whitecaps
Saturday, Aug 31st, 17:30
Vancouver Whitecaps @ Austin FC
Saturday, Sep 7th, 19:30
FC Dallas @ Vancouver Whitecaps
Saturday, Sep 14th, 19:30
San Jose Earthquakes @ Vancouver Whitecaps
Wednesday, Sep 18th, 17:30
Vancouver Whitecaps @ Houston Dynamo
Saturday, Sep 21st, 19:30
Vancouver Whitecaps @ LA Galaxy


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