MLS Round 32: Columbus Crew

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Saturday, September 21st, Kickoff 2:00pm

Ask some sweaty, musclebound man sitting next to a smoky fire what is best in life and they will almost certainly say “90th minute game winning goals.”

Despite the season already being lost the Whitecaps are determined to go down fighting, hoping somehow to claw themselves away from the floor of the Western Conference. Beating Houston last weekend definitely helps. This Saturday brings the Eastern conference mirror image of our last opponent to BC Place in the form of the Columbus Crew for an early afternoon kickoff. Fingers crossed we get to another sprinkle of goal dust from the magical goal fairy.

Referee Assignments

REF: Alex “No Chill” Chilowicz
AR1: Eduardo “The Good Twin” Mariscal
AR2: Micheal “Boarwagon” Barwegen
4TH: Tim “Fix Or Repair Daily” Ford
VAR: Drew “*anguished screaming*” Fischer
AVAR: Mauricio “Get Mad at Drew, Not Me” Navarro

Previous Results

  • Vancouver Whitecaps FC: 7W – 9D – 15L, 30pts, last place MLS West, 2nd last overall
  • Whitecaps form: W-L-L-L-W
  • Columbus Crew SC: 9W – 7D- 15L, 34pts, 11th place MLS East
  • Goldenrod Crayons: D-L-W-D-W

Pre-Match At

  • Library Square Public House, 300 W Georgia St – all ages on Whitecaps game days!

Southsiders Itinerary

  • 11:00am – Library Square opens
  • 2:00pm – Game kicks off
  • 4:00pm – Home for a nap before getting on with your Saturday night


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