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2019 Memberships Now Available

Southside Post 21:40 Feb 9th, 2019 Updated 16:00 Feb 10th, 2019 Posted by admin

We want you (yes, YOU!) to be a part of our group. Our membership is our lifeblood. The more people that come together as Southsiders, the greater things we can achieve as supporters of the Whitecaps.


A manifesto for 2019

As part of the signup process you will see our manifesto (you can also see it here). Please read it and take it to heart.

Celebrating 20 years

The Vancouver Southsiders were founded in 1999 which makes this our 20th year! As a nod to our history our scarf for 2019 is very similar to the very first membership scarf produced by the group. We hope old-timers and newcomers alike will wear it proudly.


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