We Demand Better!!

Southside Post 19:41 Apr 26th, 2018 Updated 20:04 Apr 26th, 2018 Posted by media

To our fellow Supporters,

Last Friday, our club reached a critical impasse in its football endeavours. We understand how frustrated you are and we stand with you. The Whitecaps ownership, management, and coaching staff need to recognize and acknowledge that the “meh, good enough” model of football they are putting on the pitch week after week, year after year, is quite frankly, NOT good enough. FINE. LINES. They are doing the players and the supporters a disservice in their continued complacency and the time has come for the supporters to stand as one and say, “We demand better.”

The Vancouver Southsiders hold firm in our belief that when it comes to football, our city and our nation are out of step with the rest of the world. We refuse to conform to Vancouver’s inherently quiet and reserved nature. We are not fair-weather Vancouver “fans.” We are fierce in our support for our players on the pitch and will fearlessly lead fellow supporters by example. Rule #1 of the Southside is to ‘Always support the Caps’ and we intend to continue to support our boys in Blue, White & whatever colour you want to call the Unity kit, and encourage all supporters to do the same. The players are in just as tough of a position as we are and they need our voices now more than ever.

This week, our match day experience will have a slightly different look, sound, and feel. Our March to the Match will leave Victory Square at 7pm giving us just enough time to make it into the stadium for kickoff. There will be an amended song sheet (now with more four letter words!) available in the GA section (252) so please stop by and pick one up. There will be no drums or on-pitch Capos. We will chant & cheer our way through the full 90 minutes, as we always have, to let our players know we still stand WITH them and FOR them. That we intend to hold ownership, management and coaching staff to a higher standard. If you are efficient, you get “results.”

We’re Blue, We’re White, We’re f*cking dynamite & We demand better!

Brendan Beynon, Vancouver Southsiders – Member at Large
Peter Czimmermann, Vancouver Southsiders – Vice President & Secretary
Aidan Rantoul, Vancouver Southsiders – Ombudsman
Aaryn Vivian, Vancouver Southsiders – President & Member at Large
Chris Deal, Vancouver Southsiders – Former President
John Knox, Vancouver Southsiders – Former President, Vice President, Member & Large
Joann Bessler, Vancouver Southsiders – Former Director of Membership
Ryan Burns, Vancouver Southsiders – Former Ombudsman
Dan Emerson, Vancouver Southsiders Volunteer
Greg Petrie, Vancouver Southsiders Volunteer
Jeff Tinker, Supporter


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