Scarves Up For Our Volunteers (PART 2)

Southside Post 08:00 Nov 12th, 2017 Updated 21:40 Feb 25th, 2018 Posted by media

On behalf of Vancouver Southsiders Operations, I want to thank everyone who came out to volunteer this year. We have been very lucky to have so many members stand up and make the Southside great in 2017. Thank you for your creativity, painting skills, and storytelling abilities. Thank you for your selling skills and marketing skills. Thank you for being loud, for cheering, clapping, and for your extraordinary ability to encourage others to support loudly with us.

Thank you for knowing how to use the elastic dongles and the pitfalls that goes along with them. Thank you for hauling flags, drums, and banners all over the city. Thank you for cleaning up and rolling every single flag at the end of the matches.  Thank you for your time, effort, hard work, and love of the Whitecaps. Thank you for supporting our team to into a second round playoff position!

I do really try and personally see everyone who comes out and to thank volunteers who spend so much time doing stadium set up, tifo design and painting, merchandise, stadium clean up, and with the march to the match. We had over 50 different people come out and help, and I hope each and every one of you knows how appreciated it was.  The entire gameday experience was what drew me to the Southside, and I was honoured to help pull it all together.  I would like to think we brought that feeling to others.  From the start to the end of the season we had incredible, creative, and often hilarious fun year together. Your willingness to use your gifts and abilities has strengthened our support of our team and of the Southside.

I had an amazing, crazy time, and learnt so much from you all. I truly hope that we get to work together again in the 2018 season.

Thank you, you make the Southside great.


Darcie Kerr

Vancouver Southsiders Operations

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