Register Now For Our New GA Section!

Registration is now open for the Southsiders Core General Admission Area. This is a voluntary, self-organized and self-managed GA section in the supporters end at BC Place.

WHERE IS IT?:  We hope to register enough people to fill up Section 252, Rows G-V, Seats 101-109 and Section 253, Rows G-V, Seats 1-9 . This is a square shaped area comprised of approximately 180+ seats.

Click these links to see the view from the pitch and the view from the stands.

HOW TO JOIN: Interested members can voluntarily relocate their existing seats at BC Place to the Southsiders GA section (we can assist with coordinating that).

Alternately, members can also purchase new GA season tickets directly from the Southsiders. Tickets in the GA section will not be available through the Whitecaps sales team.


It’s time for #BetterSupporters to sign up! Click here to access the registration form.

Before you get started:

  • Please look up and double check your Southsiders membership number (if you have one)
  • Please look up and double check your Whitecaps ST account number.
For more information please contact Peter Czimmerman at secretary@vancouversouthsiders.ca

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