Board statement on #CapsOnTour

Dear Southsiders,

You should know these words well: “Boundary Road, take me home, to the place where I belong.”

Our supporter’s group was founded on the principles of inclusivity, acceptance and respect for all who sought to stand with us. Since our earliest days we have stood for equality, and we have spoken out against racism and bigotry. We have always strived to be the place where everyone feels welcome. We are the place where everyone belongs.

As you may be aware, recent developments in the United States present some very serious and distressing implications for some of our members, both directly and indirectly.

Last night, the Executive Board and Ombudsman met in person to discuss our role in facilitating the away travel experiences which have come to be known as #CapsOnTour. We gave careful consideration to our Charter, our Code of Conduct, and an unprecedented amount of input from the membership.

We are in unanimous agreement with the following:

BUS TRIPS: The Executive Board shall not coordinate any bus trips to the US until such time that the current conditions at border crossings have changed. We cannot in good conscience be responsible for arranging or hosting events or experiences which potentially come at the exclusion of some of our members, no matter how few in number those affected might be.

AWAY TICKETS: The Executive Board recognizes it has an obligation to continue facilitating access to match tickets for away games. It is important that we protect the ticket allocation we fought very hard to gain control of. We are also mindful that many members booked flights and hotels prior to these recent developments. As such, away tickets will become available once kickoff times have been finalized, and we will provide you with the information necessary to obtain them.

DECIDE FOR YOURSELF: We are not asking our members to participate in protests or boycotts. We are not telling our members to stay home. You can make those decisions for yourself.

RESPECT: We have just one request – if you travel to a Whitecaps game in the US in the foreseeable future, we ask that you leave your Southsiders scarf at home as a sign of respect for members who cannot cross the border with the same ease and personal freedom as you do.

The Executive Board and Ombudsman shall continue monitoring the border situation and we will advise you if our position changes in the future. These are tumultuous and unpredictable times to say the least, which makes planning for the future extremely challenging. We will continuously assess our options and revisit these decisions when appropriate. Our ultimate goal is for all of us to move forward together in harmony and respect.

After all: “White is the colour. Soccer is the game. We’re all together.”


Dylan Callow, Treasurer
Peter Czimmermann, President and Secretary
Darcie Kerr, Director of Operations and Merchandise
John Knox, Vice President and Director of Communications
Andrew Van Eden, Ombudsman
Aaryn Vivian, Director of Membership and Partnerships


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  1. Fernando Gonzalez

    RBNY supporter here. Well done. Immense amount of respect for this decision.

  2. Jon. Waller

    Excellent decision, thank you!

  3. CAA

    Respect from Orlando.

  4. pam

    Timbers Army member here. Sorry that you will not be here, we love the rivalry. But total like, respect and am proud of Cascadia that you have made this decision. Just sorry that such ignorance has brought us to this point.

  5. Ghandi

    Hates off.. my next game ticket will be at the Southsiders side.

  6. Michael

    Mad respect for you guys. Thanks for representing what is right when other voices aren’t being heard.
    Love from Seattle!

  7. LC

    Well done.

  8. Meise

    I will miss our rivalry in Seattle – these are sad days. Much respect!

  9. Olympia Sounder

    I love seeing you all in Seattle. We’ll miss you but stand behind you. I’ll see you all at BC Place instead.
    I hope Blue Jay fans in BC take notice of this.

  10. Andy Whipps

    As a member of the Timbers Army I completely respect, admire and support your decision. I hope this travel ban is lifted soon so that the city of Portland can once again welcome ALL Whitecaps supporters to our matches.

  11. Neil Loomer

    While my company regrets not being able to take the Southsiders, including myself, to matches in Seattle and Portland as we have in previous years, I applaud the stand you are taking.

    Hopefully saner heads will prevail south of the border and we can get back on the bus soon.

    Neil – The Bus Guy

  12. Felix

    Portland Fan – I’m incredibly upset that this is happening. No matter the rivalry or colors, we are all a soccer family . I’m sad you won’t be able to travel in unity, I’m ashamed about the direction our country is heading, and I respect you for the decision you made.

  13. Christob

    This was a very reasonable and well reasoned decision. Proudly renewed my membership this afternoon. Good work exec!

  14. Derek oshea

    Very proud to be a southsider today. I have not missed a trip to Seattle or Portland at least once a year, but I support the decision not to travel to USA until the travel ban is listed. We must all stand together to end this discrimination.

  15. Shelley Miller

    So very proud of your decision to be united against the ban down south…True Canadians!

  16. John

    Long time season ticket holder for the caps. Love the passion of the southsiders on this decision. I will be buying a membership in the club for me and my soccer loving daughter. Yes it’s sad to miss the excitment of a road trip to a cascadia game but some things are bigger than the game. Great decision by the club. Respect!!!

  17. Keith

    Cascadia solidarity – from a member of La Barra Fuerza Verde.

  18. Keith

    Sorry if this ends up being duplicative. Don’t see my prior post. But from a member of La Barra Fuerza Verde in Seattle – respect for that decision. Cascadia unity.

  19. Cindi

    Portland Timbers supporter here. We will miss your enthusiasm here at Providence Park but I understand the decision. I am ashamed of our political leadership and will work hard to change the horrible direction in which we have turned. In the meantime I will be sure to sing O Canada! extra loudly before the Timbers-Whitecaps game!

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