Vancouver Southsiders Annual General Meeting, December 10th, 2016 at 2pm

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It is time for to hold our annual general meeting. The official notice of the AGM is available here: Notice of Vancouver Southsiders 2016 December Annual General Meeting

Where: The Belmont Bar, 1006 Granville St, Vancouver, BC

When: Saturday, December 10th

  • Doors at 2pm
  • Registration at 2:30pm
  • Call to order at 3pm

All members in good standing for 2016 are invited to attend.

There are special resolutions proposed, which can be found here: Resolutions “A” “B” for Vancouver Southsiders 2016 December Annual General Meeting

Should the resolutions be passed, an election will be held. Nominations for the intended election are now open.

Nominations will close on December 9th at 3pm.

The business of nominations will be conducted on our forum here: 2017 Election Category

Rules for the election are found here: Vancouver Southsiders Election Rules for December 2016 AGM


Following the conclusion of the annual general meeting, all attendees are invited to attend a viewing of the MLS Cup at Doolin’s Irish Pub (upstairs from the Belmont Bar).

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