Vancouver Southsiders AGM and Election Results

Southside Post 02:48 Dec 3rd, 2012 Updated 14:00 Jan 1st, 2013 Posted by media

VANCOUVER – The city’s loudest and proudest sports fans have elected new leadership to oversee their affairs for Major League Soccer’s 2013 season.

Founded in 1999, the Vancouver Southsiders are Canada’s oldest and largest supporters club, boasting just shy of 1,100 members. Members held their annual general meeting at The Cellar nightclub on December 1, electing the following individuals to lead the way in the new year:

* Club Secretary – Peter Czimmermann;
* Treasurer – Kris Hetherington;
* Director of Away Travel – Rebecca Contant;
* Director of External Communication – Brett Graham;
* Director of Internal Communication – Paul Sabourin-Hertzog;
* Director of Membership & Recruiting – Dan Olson;
* Director of Merchandise – Chris Withers;
* Director of Social Events – Wendy Turnbull;
* Director of Stadium Operation – Brett Bird;
* Ombudsman – Scott Misfeldt.

The Southsiders are believed to be the first supporters group in Canada to elect not just one, but two women to senior leadership positions. The newly-elected board of directors will appoint a president and vice-president by secret ballot at their first meeting of 2013.

Some of the largest applause of the evening followed a report from the Charitable Causes Committee (CCC) on the results of its 2012 fundraising efforts on behalf of the Vancouver Street Soccer League (VSSL), an organization providing healthy recreation opportunities for vulnerable residents of downtown Vancouver and neighbouring communities facing issues like homelessness, poverty and substance abuse.

CCC chairman John Knox announced that the Southsiders, in conjunction with their partners at the Soccer Express sports retail chain, were supplying the VSSL with a sizeable purchasing budget to outfit all nine teams with much-needed training equipment. The CCC also secured more than 200 used uniforms from United FC, ensuring all players in the VSSL have access to jerseys and shorts for games, practice or personal use. Knox also announced that proceeds from a recent silent auction of Whitecaps memorabilia would be used to offset the travel costs incurred by Vancouver athletes who recently traveled to Mexico to represent Canada at the Homeless World Cup.

During the AGM members also approved a proposition amending the group’s bylaws to increase the number of board positions from seven to nine. The change was necessary to address the expansive needs of a rapidly growing membership base, including a strong desire for away travel, Southsiders merchandise, sports recreation programs and social events away from the pitch.

For more information, please contact External Communications director Brett Graham (details below).

The Southsiders is a supporters group for the Vancouver Whitecaps FC. It’s members, The Southsiders, stand, sing and above all else support the players on the field.
The Vancouver Southsiders hold firm in their belief that when it comes to football, their city and their nation are out of step with the rest of the world. They refuse to conform to Vancouver’s inherently quiet and reserved nature. They are fierce in their support for their football club, and they shall fearlessly lead newcomers by example. They will welcome all who wish to join them, and they will extend to them the same friendship and camaraderie that has been the foundation of this organization from its humble beginnings. The Southsiders are not to be confused with Ultras or Hooligans, as they are vehemently against violence and racism


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