Notice of 2019 AGM - Election 2020 Rules and Nominations
  • xczimixczimi
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    Notice of 2019 AGM


    Election rules


    • Independent, non-voting board member;
    • Provides the General Membership with fiscal and administrative oversight of the Executive Board's activities;
    • Provides counsel to the Executive Board on matters of member discipline, conflict of interest and other complex member issues;
    • Represents the interests of the General Membership and individual members to the Executive Board through advocacy and consultation.

    Members at large five (5) director positions

    • Provides operational support and oversight to ensure the Society delivers activities, events and services on behalf of the General Membership;

    These duties will be assigned at the first Meeting of the Executive Board either directly to Members at large, or to Captain Volunteers from the membership.

    Duties regarding Membership & Recruiting

    • Maintain records of current membership;
    • Maintain list of members eligible for office;
    • Co-ordinate the distribution of membership packages and items;
    • Manage recruiting of new members.

    Duties regarding Home Ticketing

    • Organize single game ticketing for home games in GA section;
    • Organize season ticketing for home games for GA section;

    Duties regarding Stadium Operations

    • Co-ordinate stadium access with Whitecaps FC;
    • Manage Capo and Drum Team;

    Duties regarding External Communications

    • Manage communication outside of membership including but not limited to media relations, social media and public relations;
    • Sell advertising space in any Southsiders Media.

    Duties regarding Internal Communications

    • Manage communication primarily for membership including but not limited to our website, blog and newsletters;
    • Manage correspondence received via main contact email address;

    Duties regarding TIFO display

    • Manage creation and execution of stadium tifo displays home and away;

    Duties regarding Social Events and Partnerships

    • Manage social events including but not limited to pub nights, viewing parties, and special events;
    • Organize match day social events.
    • Manage Commercial Partnership and Sponsorships;

    Duties regarding Merchandise

    • Co-ordinate the selection and creation of merchandise;
    • Orders merchandise for the group;
    • Maintain records of current merchandise inventory;
    • Maintain and manage the Vancouver Southsiders Online Store;
    • Co-ordinate the distribution of merchandise via post and on matchdays.

    Duties regarding Away Travel

    • Organize ticketing for away games;
    • Co-ordinate travel, accommodation for - primarily Cascadia - away games.
    • Co-ordinate security plans for away games.
    • Report Away Travel information to ISC

    Club Secretary

    • Prepares all general and board of directors meeting agendas;
    • Takes minutes of all general and board meetings;
    • Maintains an inventory of all Southsiders property;
    • Distributes and/or makes available the minutes to the General Membership shortly after meetings;
    • Maintains records of the board and ensures effective management of organization's records, reports as required by the BC Society Act.
    • Coordinate required filings under the society act (annual report, notice of change of directors, etc)

    Club Treasurer

    • Manages finances of the organization;
    • Administrates fiscal matters of the organization;
    • Provides annual budget to the board for members' approval;
    • Provides financial updates to the board of directors;
    • Ensures development and board review of financial policies and procedures.
    • Responsible for filing of the society’s tax filing

    President and Vice President

    The President and the Vice President are responsible for ensuring that members of the Executive Board of Directors:

    • are aware of and fulfill their governance responsibilities;
    • comply with applicable laws and bylaws;
    • conduct board business effectively and efficiently;
    • are accountable for their performance.

    The President is generally the spokesperson for the group and is the close contact to Vancouver Whitecaps FC. The President is assigned one extra vote to break ties at board meetings and general meetings.

    In the event of the President's absence, the Vice President assumes their extra vote to break ties at board meetings and general meetings. The Vice President also assumes the duties and responsibilities of the President as outlined above until their return.

    Only elected directors - Club Treasurer, Club Secretary or Members at Large - can be voted to the role of President & Vice President. The vote will take place after the elections of the directors and ombudsman are concluded.

    Eligible candidates may nominate themselves here, or they can accept a nomination brought forward by another person who is a member in good standing of the General Membership.

    It is important to note that only official, dues-paying members of the Southsiders can nominate a candidate. To assist with verification purposes, persons nominating others must self-identify as a member in good standing. The proposed candidate must also accept the nomination in writing on the discussion forum.

    It is expected that candidates provide a detailed statement of their planned involvement of duties, projects and committees during their tenure as Executives of the Board. This should also include a brief statement regarding their personal background, experience and expertise, particularly as those things relate to the duties listed.

    Nominees have the right to decline their nomination by a third party or withdraw their nomination at any time prior to the Annual General Meeting.

    The final deadline for nominations is 4:00 pm on November 16th, 2019.



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    AKA Peter spillt his beer - President / Secretary / Director of Away Travel / ISC rep / IT Crowd Committee - member #124 - BC Place Section 251 Row F 101 ---
  • WatchmenWatchmen
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    Greg Petrie, member number 83. I'd like to nominate myself for Ombudsperson.

    In case you don't know me, I served in this capacity for the 2019 season and oversaw the board during the Whitecaps scandal this year. I originally took over during the midseason transition in 2018. I've been a member since 2008. I've participated in a number of tifo activities, game day set up, and away travel. I moderated the focus group in 2018. I've previously worked at a job that required me to deal with customer complaints and to reach a resolution that was satisfactory to both them and the company.

    I've enjoyed serving as Ombudsperson and look forward to the chance to serve another again.

  • SubhedgehogSubhedgehog
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    Paul Sabourin-Hertzog, member number 557.

    I'd like to nominate Peter Czimmermann for club secretary. He's served in that role for some time now and hopefully will continue to do so. It's hard to list all of the things that Peter does for the Southsiders, so I won't try. Many of the things that we do as a group wouldn't happen if it weren't for Peter's dedication to the cause.

    Paul, VSS Member #557, Section 252 behind the drum
  • Tom Foote, member 2258.

    I'd like to nominate Dani Daigle member #2296 as a member at large (Events and Partnerships). I have watched her personally build an passion/pride over the last two years for all things related to the Southsiders and the Club. She is very outgoing, has the ability to address a crowd and plan events.

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  • Tom Foote, member 2258 - I would like to nominate myself for member at large (Membership) for the 2020 season. While cleaning my files/notes this week and preparing for Sunday....I was able to see where my strengths and what mistakes I made. I am proud to be a Southsider and grateful to meet so many other members the past couple of years. We have work to do for the upcoming season and hopefully I can serve everyone for another year.

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  • ophioliteophiolite
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    Joann Bessler, member number 631. I'd like to nominate Anthony Kwan as a member at large.

    Joann Bessler, GA Section. Member #631.
  • Thanks Joann for the nomination, however I don't believe I have the necessary experience to provide value in any of the duties outlined in the original post to serve the Southsiders in a meaningful capacity so I will have to decline.

    Additionally, as member 2139 I would like to nominate Kevin Clark as member at large.

  • xczimixczimi
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    Thanks Paul.

    Peter Czimmermann membership #124 in good standing, I accept the nomination for Club Secretary.

    Should I get elected [as Secretary], I'd like to be considered to serve as President for this coming year as well.

    There is a lot of work ahead of us, not only the executive but the group as well. More details at the AGM.

    I'd like to nominate Dylan Callow to the Club Treasurer position, Dylan has served well our accounting and financial oversight this group requires, and has grown into an experienced and valuable board member over the years.

    Even though not formally necessary, I also second the nominations of Greg Petrie, Tom Foote and Dani Daigle.

    AKA Peter spillt his beer - President / Secretary / Director of Away Travel / ISC rep / IT Crowd Committee - member #124 - BC Place Section 251 Row F 101 ---
  • ophioliteophiolite
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    Joann Bessler again, still member number 631. I'd like to nominate Sonia Nazar (member number 2149) for a member at large position.

    Joann Bessler, GA Section. Member #631.
  • I'll second Sonia's nomination

  • Cameron Prior, member number 1914. I would like to nominate myself for member at large. I served this past year as a member at large looking after Away Travel, Events & Partnerships. I learned a lot this past year and I am eager to help out in any capacity I can for 2020.

  • WatchmenWatchmen
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    Greg Petrie, member number 83. I'd like to nominate Dim McNami for a member at large position.

  • xczimixczimi
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    Nominations closed

    AKA Peter spillt his beer - President / Secretary / Director of Away Travel / ISC rep / IT Crowd Committee - member #124 - BC Place Section 251 Row F 101 ---
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