Election for 2019: Club Secretary
  • xczimixczimi
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    Club Secretary

    • Prepares all general and board of directors meeting agendas;
    • Takes minutes of all general and board meetings;
    • Maintains an inventory of all Southsiders property;
    • Distributes and/or makes available the minutes to the General Membership shortly after meetings;
    • Maintains records of the board and ensures effective management of organization's records, reports as required by the BC Society Act.
    • Coordinate required filings under the society act (annual report, notice of change of directors, etc)

    Eligible candidates may nominate themselves here, or they can accept a nomination brought forward by another person who is a member in good standing of the General Membership.

    It is important to note that only official, dues-paying members of the Southsiders can nominate a candidate. To assist with verification purposes, persons nominating others must self-identify as a member in good standing. The proposed candidate must also accept the nomination in writing on the discussion forum.

    It is recommended that candidates provide a brief statement within the appropriate discussion thread to provide the General Membership with a sense of their personal background, experience and expertise, particularly as those things relate to the board position in question.

    Nominees have the right to decline their nomination by a third party, or withdraw their nomination at any time prior to the Annual General Meeting.

    Nominees are only permitted to stand as a candidate for a maximum of one role on the executive board (Treasurer, Secretary, Ombudsman or Member at large).

    The final deadline for nominations is 1:30 pm on December 7th, 2017.

    AKA Peter spillt his beer - President / Secretary / Director of Away Travel / ISC rep / IT Crowd Committee - member #124 - BC Place Section 251 Row F 101 --- http://www.xczimi.com
  • xczimixczimi
    Posts: 3,796

    I'm Peter Czimmermann, member #124 in good standing and I'd like to put my name forward to serve as the Southsiders Club Secretary in 2019.

    I've been on the Southsiders' executive board since 2012 as secretary. Over the years I also handled other responsibilities such as away ticketing, bus trips, built (and rebuilt) the membership system.

    I was the major driver behind starting up our GA initiative, and also managed to transition our group through the incorporation and other required legal processes.

    I strongly believe that this group and its activities should be built around supporting the Whitecaps in the stands, and in making sure that everyone is welcome to join in and participate.

    As I have shown in the past many years, I am a Southsider and soccer supporter through and through. My promise to you is my undying dedication to the success and the future of the Southside.

    I hope that together we can reinvigorate our group, and look forward to being part of it.


    AKA Peter spillt his beer - President / Secretary / Director of Away Travel / ISC rep / IT Crowd Committee - member #124 - BC Place Section 251 Row F 101 --- http://www.xczimi.com
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