Message from the President: Call for volunteers

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Greetings Southside Faithful!

First kick has come and gone and we are truly in the thick of it again. If our boys in blue and white are able to consistently deliver the way they did in that first half we are in for one hell of a ride this year. It’s brutal to give up anything to the Bloody Big Mess but that’s the way it goes sometimes and we’ll probably see them again in the Voyageurs Cup to exact some revenge.

REVENGE! That’s what’s on my mind right now. Portland is next up in BC Place and we have a pair of brutal losses to take back on the way to Cascadian victory and an unprecedented Cascadia Cup threepeat. March 28th kicks off the quest and we have a few short weeks to get tuned up and ready to rock the Southside. The capos are working hard to refine our new setup and we have a few things in store to move that along. It is much more difficult to spread songs and timing through 4000 people when individuals are doing their own thing or starting separate songs to impress their pals. Please, do what you can to follow the capos and help spread the songs by occasionally singing to the sides and back of your section. Together we have a powerful voice. Separately we do not.

We have some cool incentives this year for our dedicated volunteers, from unique swag to fun events. We are trying to make helping out with Southsiders events and activities rewarding (beyond the satisfaction of a job well done). There are tons of opportunities to better our group and our community through volunteering. We are looking for people in many areas: capos; web designers; Tifo deployment; work party organizers and more.

We need help. If you have a bit of time to give in order to better the Southsiders please reach out to:

The following committees are forming:
  • Tifo (design, creation, deployment, stadium operations)
  • Capos (in stands and on field, drummers)
  • Community Works (events, fundraising, work parties)
  • Nerd Corps (web design, forum moderation, graphic design)
  • Merchandise (design, setup, distribution)
  • Memberships (recruitment, signups, distribution)

Some of these take very specialized skills while others just require time and a friendly disposition. All of them lead to a greater understanding of how we function as well as what we are trying to achieve as a group. We can only truly be united in our goal of pushing our Whitecaps on to greater glory if we work together.

In the next few weeks we have a couple road games to go before we return to our home grounds. Doolin’s has some pretty great rewards going on this year (check the passport you received with your membership pack), but if you can’t join us there for games try to get together with more like minded individuals in your area. Sing some songs, and try some new ones to see what sticks. Let us know what works, and let Rob know where you are gathering at Who knows, maybe we can find some friendly establishments in other parts of the lower mainland and province to host our members on game days.

Next time I hope to be writing to you riding high from victory and a seat at the top of the conference!

Brett Bird
President and Director of Stadium Operations

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