The Supporter Shield Tour to Arrive in Vancouver in July

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The New Supporter Shield

The process of creating a new Supporters’ Shield has been a long and rewarding endeavor. Over the past few years, through the Independent Supporters Council of the United States and Canada (ISC), we have brought supporters group leadership from across the league together to achieve a common goal. The Shield has been a shining example of the positive collaboration that can be achieved even between the largest of rivals. We believe that this award holds a unique place in the history of this league and the game in this country.

The Supporters Shield is awarded to the Major League Soccer team with the best regular season record.  The original trophy was created in 1999 by supporters of the league.  Up until that point MLS had simply celebrated the winner of MLS Cup.  But the supporters, who were the ones who followed their club all season, not just through the playoffs, wanted a trophy to celebrate the achievements of the regular season winner. So in 1999 supporters created a modest trophy that has been awarded every season since. Now this season the ISC, which the Southsiders are proud members of, have fundraised and created a trophy that is absolutely stunning.


i supporters-shield
New Shield 1999 Shield
A full history of the shield written by Sporting KC supporter Sam Pierron can be found HERE.

The Tour

Part of the fun of the new shield is that this season it will navigate the entire league making a stop in every MLS city before it is awarded to the regular season champions.  The trophy itself is actually being transported from one supporters group to the next by travelling fans. With each group handing it off to the next.  Our stop will be in July.

The Supporters Shield will be in Vancouver on July 14,

when the Vancouver Whitecaps take on the  Chicago Fire

The new Supporters Shield will be on display on that day.  Supporters from Vancouver will be able to see it, touch it and get their photograph taken with it  with the purchase of a scarf.

Additional dates and events might be added. Details to be confirmed. 

The Scarf

As a fundraiser the ISC and it’s groups have produced a beautiful scarf.  Not only will you look sharp wearing it, but with it’s purchase you will be directly paying for the new shield. So when you wear it and display the words “I Support The Shield”, everyone will know that you helped directly fund the new Supporters Shield.

Scarfs will be available for purchase for only $20 both online and at our events in July.

More details will be released soon regarding details and how to reserve. 


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Cascadia Cup Away Match Information – Seattle Sounders, June 8th, 2013

Cascadia Away

Greetings fellow Southsiders,

After being unfairly handed a draw (get it? Handed?) in our first Cascadia match of the 2013 season, we now look forward to the battle in Seattle on June 8.  This release has a lot of information pertaining to the game, so please read through it carefully. You can check your purchased options for the trip on our membership site.

 Away Travel Policies

Please read through the general away travel policies and the Southsiders Code of Conduct.  Anyone who travels with us is subject to these policies.  This means that you and your friends and/or family members that are making the trip with you are held to the same standard.  And ultimately, you are responsible for them.  If anyone in the group fails to abide by these rules, travel privileges will be revoked, and funds allocated to future away trips forfeited.  Basically, don’t be a dick, and you’ll be fine.

 General Information

We are standing in section 300 along with members of the Curva Collective and Rain City Brigade.  This section is a GENERAL ADMISSION section.  This means that the seats listed on your tickets aren’t actually your seats, and you need to find a place in the section that suits your needs.  There will be some areas blocked off for drums, capos and other volunteers who are giving up their time to help make this trip a success – please do not interfere with these areas.

Ticket distribution for both bus passengers and members travelling down on their own will begin at 5:30 pm at the North East gate of Century Link Field.  Once you have received your ticket, you will be subject to security screening, and begin entering the stadium.  Distribution will end at 5:50 pm so that the volunteers can make their way to their seats before 6:00 pm, to comply with MLS requirements.  If you aren’t there, you won’t be watching the game with us, nor will you be getting your money back.  Let me say that again:

If you aren’t there to pick up your tickets on-time, you don’t get to watch the game with us. No exceptions.

After the game, we will be held in our section for safety purposes.  Please don’t try to leave at that time – you won’t be able to get out.  We will be escorted out of the stadium via the NE gate, and from there, you will be free to celebrate our first Cascadia win.


We require a handful of volunteers to help us make the trip go smoothly.  If you are interested in one of the positions below, please email before Wednesday, June 5, 2013.

Ticket distributors: We will need approximately 5 volunteers for this role.  These people will be required to arrive to the field at 5:15 pm to help set-up, and then hand out tickets.

Overseers: We will need approximately 5 volunteers for this role.  These people will be in charge of keeping an eye on his or her fellow supporters, and reporting any issues back to board members, Whitecaps security staff and/or Century Link security staff.  Please note that these people need to be individuals who will remain relatively sober for the match.

 Ticket-Only Itinerary & Notes

5:30 pm

Ticket distribution begins at the North East gate of Century Link Field.  We will have a “Will Call” set up for everyone who purchased tickets.

5:50 pm

Ticket distribution ends – if you’re late, you’re out of luck.  Time to get to your seats.

7:30 pm


9:30 pm

3 pts

9:45 pm

Egress from the stadium

  1.  “Southsiders Will Call” will have lines set up for different sections of the alphabet.  Please go to the appropriate line to expedite the process.
  2. After picking up tickets, please queue for entry.  Security will likely start screening at that time.
  3. Please head to the 300-level immediately upon entry, as the sooner we fill the section, the better.  There are washrooms, concessions and alcohol available on the 300-level.
  4. You will be held after the match.  This means that you won’t be able to use the washrooms at the end of the game.  Please plan accordingly.

Same-Day Bus Itinerary & Notes

Bus Captains: Dan Olson, Wendy Turnbull

11:00 am

Arrive at Burrard Street Skytrain Station.  No seriously.  Get there early so you can sign your waivers, get coffee from the Hyatt, etc.

11:30 am

Bus departs from Burrard Street Skytrain Station.

12:15 pm

Bus arrives at Campbell River Store in Surrey for pick-up, and head for the border.

5:30 pm

Bus arrives in Seattle in the North Lot.

5:35 pm

Ticket distribution begins on the bus.  Once you have your ticket, make your way to the queue for security screening and stadium ingress

7:30 pm


9:30 pm

3 pts

9:45 pm ish

Egress from the stadium, return to buses being held in the North Lot.

10:00 pm

Bus departs – NO EXCEPTIONS

1:30 am


  1. After picking up tickets, please queue for entry.  Security will likely start screening at that time.
  2. Please head to the 300-level immediately upon entry, as the sooner we fill the section, the better.  There are washrooms, concessions and alcohol available on the 300-level.
  3. You will be held after the match.  This means that you won’t be able to use the washrooms at the end of the game.  Please plan accordingly.

Overnight Bus Itinerary & Notes

Bus Captain: Peter Czimmermann


11:00 am

Arrive at Burrard Street Skytrain Station.  No seriously.  Get there early so you can sign your waivers, get coffee from the Hyatt, etc.

11:30 am

Bus departs from Burrard Street Skytrain Station.

12:15 pm

Bus arrives at Campbell River Store in Surrey for pick-up, and head for the border.

5:30 pm

Bus arrives in Seattle in the North Lot.  Please leave your personal belongings that are not needed for the match in the bus – you will pick them up post-match.

5:35 pm

Ticket distribution begins on the bus.  Once you have your ticket, make your way to the queue for security screening and stadium ingress

7:30 pm


9:30 pm

3 pts

9:45 pm ish

Egress from the stadium, return to buses being held in the North Lot to pick up personal belongings

10:00 pm

Bus departs – if you don’t get your things, you’re out of luck until Sunday!



3:30 pm

Arrive at North Lot of Century Link Field for pick-up.

4:00 pm

Bus departs – NO EXCEPTIONS

8:00 pm


  1. After picking up tickets, please queue for entry.  Security will likely start screening at that time.
  2. Please head to the 300-level immediately upon entry, as the sooner we fill the section, the better.  There are washrooms, concessions and alcohol available on the 300-level.
  3. You will be held after the match.  This means that you won’t be able to use the washrooms at the end of the game.  Please plan accordingly.

Let’s all have a great trip down the I-5 Seattle! See you in the stadium.

Rebecca Contant
Director of Away Travel

International Day Against Homophobia


rainbow_Southsiders_bannerThe International Day Against Homophobia, held on May 17 every year, is a rallying event offering an opportunity for people to get together and reach out to one another.

This weekend in recognition of the The International Day Against Homophobia the Independent Supporters Council (ISC) and it’s members will be displaying messages and creating displays in support.  This is done  in collaboration with Major League Soccers broader “Don’t Cross the Line”  Campaign.

The Southsiders, a founding member of the ISC, have created a large banner, displayed across the front of our section, to show our support .  As a group we stand against violence and bigotry in all forms.  We believe that homophobia has no place in the game or in modern society.


Tifo: What Is It, How Does It Happen, & Can I Get Involved?

The topic of the day hits where I live. As the Director of Stadium Ops I am directly responsible for our group’s efforts in showing the team that we care and that we support them, while inside the stadium. From coordinated chanting, to permanent visual displays, to one off events: if it happens in the stadium I have some hand in making sure it goes down. We’ve had a few hiccups this year and it’s been suggested that a little education will help future efforts, so here we go!

What is tifo?

In the broadest sense tifo is a visual display showing our support for our team. Our railing banners, flags, and 2-sticks are all forms of tifo. I would even consider those moments on game day when the entire crowd is standing with their scarves up as a type of tifo. However, when someone speaks about tifo they are usually referring to a larger piece, like a large overhead banner, or a coordinated effort such as a card stunt, massed flags, or even a 3D display. I encourage everyone to search YouTube for tifo from around the world, and see what goes on elsewhere to get inspired. Some of my favourites are from the J and K Leagues as well as Borussia Dortmund.

I have hopes that with interest, practice, and time, we will get to the point where videos of our tifo are spread around the world, but we aren’t there yet. For now let’s start with some basics:

  • Overheads go up or down the section. Unless specifically told otherwise, they don’t go left or right, and they don’t “do a lap” of the stadium. We spend hours and piles of cash making these things, we don’t want to lose them, or go find them in a puddle of beer in some weird corner of BC place.
  • There are 3 basic commands that you should listen for: PULL, HOLD & RELEASE. We need to PULL it into position, HOLD it so that it can be properly displayed, then RELEASE so we can get it out of the way and watch the game.
  • It’s not an elementary school parachute game. Please do not slap or ripple the overheads when they are in place. The visual impact of the design will not be improved by rippling waves and chaotic bouncing underneath. In fact, most of the time the design will be ruined. If you are under an overhead, relax and stand still. It might be a minute or three, but I promise your view will not be impeded for longer than that.
  • No we won’t tell you days/weeks in advance what we have planned. Part of the excitement that surrounds these types of displays is the element of surprise. We don’t do them for every match, or every opponent, but when we do we want to spring it on them. We want it to be a bit of extra encouragement for our guys, and discouragement for theirs. Putting it out ahead of time on social media takes away from that potential impact and reduces the excitement for what should be a special event.

Which brings us to: How can you get involved?

  • The number one thing: Get to your seat early. By early, I mean 15-30 minutes before kickoff. Talk to the people around you to see if they know what’s happening. If you see someone buzzing around the section talking to many people they might be giving instructions. Wave them over or go ask them what’s going on.
  • Pick up a communal flag or 2-stick on the march from Doolin’s or inside the stadium. Unless told otherwise display it: when our team is coming out of the tunnel, after the anthems, during Boundary Road, as the players leave the field at the half, when they return, until the last player has left the field at the end of the game, and also anytime we score. Basically, anytime we can show our guys respect and encouragement without blocking views during the run of play the flags and two-sticks should be in the air.
  • Bring your own flag, 2-stick or banner, and see above.
  • If you get to the stadium and something is on your seat, read the attached instructions. If they are unclear or you are unsure about the instructions, ask around. The earlier you are in your seat the better this will work.
  • Did I mention coming early and getting to your seat? Another side benefit to this simple task: we can start warming up our voices earlier and start establishing our presence in our home fortress. Standing in place and chanting during warm-ups sends the message that we are here, we are invested in the game, and we won’t let the players down.
  • If you didn’t bring an item to the pub or stadium, please don’t take it home. At the end of the match pass it to the front of section 251. We will collect the communal items so that we can redistribute them or re-purpose them later. They aren’t souvenirs and they do cost us money and time. Please consider taking them an act of theft and vandalism. If you REALLY REALLY like a piece, come talk to me, or send me an email.
  • If this all seems so fantastic and you want to get your hands dirty and do work: send me an email. We need people with all skill levels to help us formulate ideas and make them work. Even if you don’t have a clue how you can help nor have a concept to contribute, please reach out to get involved. You’ll probably end up surprising yourself and we will teach you new skills. At the very least: anyone can help inform the crowd of game day activities, help hand out and collect pieces, or fold fabric.

Brett Bird
Director Of Stadium Ops

Big Ridge Brewing to Whitecaps FC Bus


Big Ridge Brewing and the Vancouver Southsiders have teamed up yet again to offer all Whitecaps FC fans an amazing opportunity.

Big Ridge Brewing, the Southsiders official South of Fraser Away Viewing Southsiders pub, has arranged charter bus trips for the Saturday, May 11th match vs the LA Galaxy, as well as the July 6th match vs the Seattle Sounders, one of the Whitecaps Cascadia rivals.

The cost of this trip is expected to be $20* and will include a beer and transportation to and from the match. PLEASE NOTE: This package does NOT include a ticket to the match; fans will be responsible for obtaining their own tickets.

The bus will leave Big Ridge at 1:30pm for the May 11th match, and 5:30pm for the July 6th match. Fans will be dropped off at Doolin’s Irish Pub, official downtown partner pub of the Vancouver Southsiders. There fans will be able to grab a quick beer and then join the Vancouver Southsiders on their legendary March to the Match. This is a rally up Granville St to Robson St, and then down Robson St to BC Place. The entire time the Southsiders Sing, Chant and wave flags.

After the match, the bus will be waiting at BC Place to take you back to Big Ridge to celebrate the victory. Alternatively, you can remain behind to celebrate downtown at Doolin’s, however if you choose to do so, you will then be responsible for providing your own ride home.

If you are interested in one or both of these trips, please fill in this form and advise which trip and how many people are coming. Unfortunately there is a minimum number of people needed to make these trips happen at this price, so once that minimum is reached, a conformation email will be sent to all who have emailed the above address. If the minimum is not reached, you will be notified as soon as possible so that you can make alternative arrangements to get to the match.

So come one, come all, and let’s support our boys in White!


Location Information

Big Ridge Brewing Co, Vancouver Southsiders Official Away Match Pub

Big Ridge is the official away match home for their membership living south of the Fraser River, at Surrey’s original brewpub, Big Ridge Brewing Co.  It is the very best place to watch Whitecaps FC Away Matches if you are from Surrey, Langley, Delta or Whiterock.

5580 152 Street  Surrey, BC V3S 5J9

To learn more about upcoming events follow the Vancouver Southsiders official twitter account, @southsiders, or visit


For more information on Big Ridge Brewing follow them on twitter, @BigRidgeBrewing, or visit


If you have any questions please email:

*final costs to be determined shortly, but should not exceed $20

Cascadia Away Travel Update :: Members Can Now Purchase Additional Tickets

With the priority purchase period for Cascadia away travel tickets and packages now behind us, we are pleased to open up sales to paid Southsiders members whom are Season Ticket Holders and wish to purchase additional tickets or packages for friends and family (Max 4 per ST account).  You will have one week to purchase tickets at the discounted rate of $18/ticket before prices increase to $20/ticket for the Seattle matches, and $42 before an increase to $44 for the Portland match.
There are a few things that we want to remind you about before we start sales, so please take the time to carefully read through the information below.
1.  You will be responsible for everyone in your party.  If they disobey the “Away Travel Guidelines” and “Code of Conduct,” you and your guest(s) may be subject to reprimand.

2.  You must supply the Southsiders with a list of names of the people coming with you.  This is to comply with the Whitecaps, Sounders, Timbers and MLS regulations for away supporters.  You can do this by adding the name of your friend/family member to the “Traveler/Notes” field.

3.  You must inform everyone in your party that the supporters section is general admission and is a standing section.  We expect that everyone, including you and your guests, in the section will be standing, singing, cheering and flag waving for the full 90.

4.  As is the case for the other supporters, everyone must be at the stadium no later than 90 minutes prior to kickoff for ticket pick-up.  We will not be waiting for latecomers, and you will not have your money refunded.


We look forward to having you and your friends/family join us!


To purchase tickets please use our membership portal: HERE.  Please note, your membership account is NOT the same as your forum account. The two are separate.

NOTE: Tickets are available only through the membership portal and NOT through our online store.


June 8 Seattle “Tickets Only” are now sold out.  There is still an extremely limited number of bus+ticket packages still available.  These won’t last long.  So buy now or risk missing out. We have also started a waitlist for our members.  If you would like to add your name to this list click HERE. Note: Due to demand, this list is for fully paid Southsiders only!

Portland trips are also moving fast. We strongly suggest that you talk to your friends and get your travel plans sorted as soon as possible as we are predicting certain options to sell out before end of week.




At this time June 8 Seattle “Tickets Only” are now sold out;  there is a single same-day bus/ticket package and 15 overnight bus/ticket packages remaining.

Everyone else is sold out.  So the bottom line is if you want to go pay for the bus/ticket package as it is your only hope.

Portland is also selling fast with only 6 “Tickets Only” left, 5 two-night bus/accommodation/ticket packages, and half a bus of one-night bus/accommodation/ticket packages remaining.


To purchase tickets please use our membership portal: HERE.  Please note, your membership account is NOT the same as your forum account. The two are separate.


Other Away Travels

Remember that tickets for FC Dallas (April 20), Edmonton (April 24) and Real Salt Lake (May 4) are on sale now at out online store: HERE.
For the FC Dallas and Edmonton matches, we will be cutting off sales on April 10, so buy them now to avoid disappointment.

2013 Cascadia Away Travel


While cheering on the boys in blue and white (and sometimes brown) at BC Place is certainly an extraordinary experience, traveling alongside hundreds, if not thousands, of other Whitecaps fans into enemy territory is an experience that is not to be missed.

This year, we are doing things a bit differently, so please be sure to read through this post to the end.

Seattle: Saturday June 8, 2013, 7:30 PM

We will be offering three options for paid Southsiders for the first trip to Seattle. We have an allocation of 300 tickets for this match, all of which will be in sections 300-301 at the stadium.  Remember that one Southsiders membership = one ticket.

The three options can be found below:

Bus + Ticket  (Same Day)

Bus + Ticket (Overnight)*


Seattle (June 8)




Purchase Cut-Off

May 13

May 13

June 7

Please note that with the “Overnight” option, you will be responsible for finding your own accommodations in Seattle. There are a few reasons for this, but the major one is that we want people to have places to stay that fit their varying needs.  That being said, we are currently finalizing agreements with two hotels (one near the Space Needle, one near the Airport), and will have those rooms available for you to book within the next few days.

Please note that this offer is open to any paid Southsider making the trip down, regardless of your means of transportation.  If you are interested in obtaining one of these rooms, please fill out this form.

Additional Bus Information

We will be offering a “Bus Upgrade” for those members who purchased the “Ticket-Only” option and wish to join the bus crew, however this will only be available until May 13.

The tentative departure/arrival times are as follows:

Same Day


Depart Vancouver

12:00 pm

11:00 am

Arrive Vancouver

1:30 am

8:00 pm (Sunday

Portland: Saturday August 3, 2013, 8:00 pm

Given that this match falls on a long-weekend, and there is a lot going on in Portland that weekend, we wanted to offer paid Southsiders a few different options.  We have a total of 250 tickets to this match.  Remember that one Southsiders membership = one ticket.  They can be found below:

Bus Deposit: Dorms (Overnight)

Bus Deposit: Dorms

(Two Nights)

Bus Deposit: Hotel (Overnight)

Bus Deposit: Hotel

(Two Nights)


Portland (August 3)






Purchase Cut-Off

July 8

July 8

July 8

July 8

August 2

You will see that this year, you are only responsible for paying for your seat on the bus at this time.  This is a transferable, but non-refundable deposit.  Your bus deposit reserves you a ticket to the match, and accommodations at either the Portland State University dorms or the Red Lion Hotel at the Convention Centre.  Please note that these prices are based on double occupancy.

If you are a paid Southsider selecting the “Ticket-Only” option, we have a special rate at the Red Lion for you as well, for only $82/night.  If you are interested obtaining this rate, please fill out this form, and I will contact you with the information when it becomes available.

Additionally, there are a number of events taking place in Portland over the long weekend, including an NWSL game featuring Christine Sinclair, Karina LeBlanc, Lauren Sesslemann and Desiree Scott, and a Whitecaps/Timbers reserves match.  If you are interested in attending either event, please fill out this form.

Additional Bus Information:

The tentative departure times for the bus are as follows:


Two Nights

Depart Vancouver

8:00 am

8:00 am

Arrive Vancouver

6:00 pm (Sunday)

6:00 pm (Monday)

The table below outlines the remaining balance for the Portland packages and the date that that balance is due.  We will send out a reminder in mid-May/early June to let you know when you can start paying off the remainder of the balance.

One Night (Dorms)

Two Nights (Dorms)

One Night (Hotel)

Two Nights (Hotel)






Balance Due

July 17

July 17

July 17

July 17

Total Package Cost





Seattle: Wednesday October 9, 2013, 7:00 PM

At this time, we are only offering a “Ticket-Only” option for this particular trip.  Due to the challenges associated with attending a Wednesday away match, we are asking that those people who are interested in taking the bus down to Seattle fill out the following survey.  If numbers are sufficient, we will add a bus option in the coming months. Please note that we have 75 tickets available for this match (although we may be able to expand this if the numbers warrant it).  Remember that one Southsiders membership = one ticket.


Seattle (October 9)


So, hopefully you’ve made it to this point.  If you have, you can now buy your tickets and packages to the 2013 Cascadia Away matches!  You will need to login to the membership site to purchase your items.  If you are stuck, we have provided a handy guide to help you out along the way.


Further information about ticket pick-up, bus schedules, pre/post-match festivities and more will be released periodically, so be sure to look out for emails, blog, Facebook and Twitter posts, and of course, on the forum.

If you have any questions about Cascadia travel for this year, please feel free to email me at, or post in the appropriate thread in the forum.

Independent Supporters Council announces new Supporters’ Shield

Screen Shot 2013-02-28 at 1.32.33 PM

The Supporters’ Shield Foundation in partnership with the Independent
Supporters Council (ISC), is proud to announce the creation of a new
Supporters’ Shield trophy and the formation of the Supporters Shield
Foundation. This new Supporters’ Shield replaces the previous trophy
at the start of the 2013 MLS season. Supporter groups across Major
League Soccer via the ISC have worked together to fund, design and
deliver this stunning new shield. The new shield is built on the
passions of today’s MLS supporters, and encapsulating the history and
work of the early MLS supporters. The Supporters’ Shield represents
the growth and accomplishments of all MLS supporters since the awards
start in 1999.

Starting in San Jose, the new Supporters’ Shield will make the journey
with supporters this entire year and will travel to all 19 MLS teams
and their supporters. The ISC has organized the journey of the
Supporters’ Shield so each supporter group that helped fund it can
see what their work has accomplished. The Shield will start with the
winners of the 2012 Supporters’ Shield and will be handed from
supporter group to supporter group, with the next landmark stop at the
MLS All-Star Game in Kansas City on July 31, 2013. It will end its
journey with the winner of the 2013 Supporters’ Shield. Every
Supporter who lifted it during the year will be hoping to see it again
come November. The 2013 winner will be engraved on the new Supporters’
Shield next to the previous seventeen winners who are also
engraved on the new trophy.

The new Supporters’ Shield is made of sterling silver and stainless
steel, weighing in at just over thirty-five pounds. When the
Supporters’ Shield was revealed to the ISC organizers in Kansas City,
Fran Harrington, President of the Midnight Riders, declared, “It’s
gorgeous. The new shield is definitely something that properly
reflects the growth and maturity of the league and its supporters!”
The new Supporters’ Shield will provide 25 years of future winners,
with the option to add another ring for future winners beyond that.
The new Supporters’ Shield was designed by Kyle Stewart and made in
Toronto by Award Co.

The Supporters’ Shield winner is given to represent the team who has
the most points at the end of the season. Brett Bird, Vice President
of the Vancouver Southsiders, stated, “The Supporters’ Shield takes a
greater commitment to high level play to earn, and represents the best team
over 34 games. Too many times an MLS Cup winner plays well for 2 weeks
and takes home a trophy.” This grand trophy recognizes the
accomplishments of the winning team with that grand accomplishment.
Brett Graham, President of the Southsiders states,  “Over 100 years
ago and half the word away, William McGregor the Founder of the Football
Association in England said “No principle ever formulated in connection
with sport has caused so much really genuine, bona-fide competition as
the league system.” The Supporters Shield embodies that same spirit here
among MLS supporters.  The Shield is an important symbol that every match
counts, from first kick to the season closing.  It is fitting that the
very fans that cheer on their clubs week in and week out, are the
benefactors of such a fine trophy.”

Our original trophy was founded in 1999 and heavily supported by a
Kansas City Wizards supporter named Sam Pierron. This was a big step
for Supporters of MLS at the time as no trophy existed to
represent the winner of the table at the end of the year. Through the
efforts of leaders in the supporters community the existing trophy
was funded. A sculpture student at the University Of Kansas then
produced the chevron-shaped trophy we know today. The original
Supporters’ Shield will be on display in the Members Club at Sporting
Park until the a time there is a Soccer Hall of Fame to curate the

A major impetus in getting the new Supporters’ Shield produced was
Sean Dane, President of Supporters’ Shield Foundation and a leader in
the Kansas City Cauldron. He urged that the Supporters’ Shield is,
“an award created by the fans to recognize the single table winner.
It is unique in the landscape of American sports. I think it
highlights what makes the supporters culture in the league great. It
also highlights the ability of Major League Soccer to work in
partnership with its supporters in a way unseen in other sports. The
efforts of the ISC and its members is commendable and it helps to
further the growth of supporters culture in the country. That’s a win
for all involved and I am proud to be associated with all them.” To
add to this Chicago’s Section 8 representative to the ISC Dan Martin
says, “It’s definitely special when fans of the sport can come
together in a collaborative sense to express our shared passion for
the game. Whenever people put aside fundamental differences to
contribute to the greater good, you know the result is meaningful and
worthy of note.”

The story of the original Supporters’ Shield, its original creation
story, and how the new Supporters’ Shield was funded by the supporter
groups of today is a monumental reality in the world of sports. The
supporters carried the torch to honor the best MLS team for each year
with the funds and will carry on that story for many years to come.
The reality that so many supporter groups worked together to create
this trophy isn’t found in many places within the world of our sport.
“The collaboration on the new Supporters’ Shield shows how far the
supporters culture has grown and matured through the years. How so
many supporters groups from around the league came together to create
a new trophy that will exist for years to come! This trophy is one of
the most unique trophies handed out in all of American sports since
it’s delivered by the supporters to the winning team!” exclaimed
Donald Rickard, President of the San Jose Casbah.

To support the Shield, the ISC has created a great way to reimburse
the supporter groups that funded the creation of the new trophy. ISC
member supporter groups will have limited edition “I Support the
Shield” scarves that they will be selling to fans of their teams.
This is a way for all supporters and fans to participate and
show their pride in the Supporters’ Shield, as well as the hope that
their team hoists it at the end of the year.

The Supporters’ Shield foundation is tasked with raising awareness of
the Shield’s history, protecting the commercialization of the Shield,
and ensuring its movement from team to team each season. Its officers
are elected annually by the ISC.


Cascadia Supporters Groups Meet with Major League Soccer’s Representatives on Cascadia Cup Trademark Issue


Portland, OR., Vancouver, B.C., Seattle, WA. — January 22, 2013 —The supporters groups in

Seattle, Portland and Vancouver had a productive and respectful conference call with Major League

Soccer’s representatives that opened important dialogue. The supporters groups in Seattle, Portland,

and Vancouver look forward to working with MLS to resolve this issue. The Cascadia Cup Council

continues to believe that it is well positioned to represent the interests of the Cascadia Cup

trademark and the supporters who created it.





Robbie Burns Day … Week

Robbie Burns Day Week:

Your Southsiders Director of Events, Wendy Turnbull, has worked with Doolin’s to put together several social events for our members next week.  First Kick is just over a month away so this is a perfect time for us to get together, talk about the upcoming season, and celebrate Robbie Burns Day.

Let other poets raise a fracas “Bout vines, an’ wines, an’ drucken Bacchus, An’ crabbit names an’stories wrack us, An’ grate our lug: I sing the juice Scotch bear can mak us, In glass or jug.

-Robbie Burns, 1785


Week Long Drink Features:

  • Flight of beer – 3 Scottish beers available in a flight style serving for cheap price
  • Johnny Walker Scotch- buy either: Red, Green, Gold Reserve or Platinum and receive complimentary branded sipping glass

Wednesday, January 23rd @ 6pm: Women’s Drinking Club – Beer!

Calling all lady Southsiders! We have been invited to join the Women’s Drinking Club, hosted by Doolin’s. This club meets monthly to sample beers, wines, scotches, etc and learn the details behind how it’s made.  This month we’re learning about beer with Megan Hall of Whistler Brewing Company. At each session you will get to eat appies, sample beverages, meet other lady southsiders, and learn about the alcohol you’re drinking.

January 23, 6:00pm
Doolin’s (654 Nelson St)
Tickets $26.88 (after service fees)

This event will sell out, so get your tickets here:

Sorry guys, this one’s ladies only.

Thursday, January 24th @ 7pm: ‘Walk the line’- Johnny Walker Tasting event:



Friday, January 25th: Highland Games


  • $25 and valid for 4 x 12oz Scottish beers, and 2 x 1/2oz scotch samplers, as well as the game activities!
  • 4 Game Stations for people to participate in:
    • Golf station
    • Kilt darts
    • Trivia- 5 questions for guests to answer
    • Scotch tasting- guess the region and scotch based on tasting notes
  • Highest two scores win prizes
  • Top two will compete for grand prize by doing a balancing act/task on stage
  • Highland games will start at 6pm, and all competing ballots must be in by 8pm
  • At 7pm:
    •  Traditional Robbie Burns festivities including a piper and traditional haggis blessing.
  • Purchase tickets: