TUNE IN: “Match Days With @Miss604”

We are pleased to announce that Western Canada’s most prolific blogger will be taking over our social media channels during select home games this season.

Rebecca Bollwitt, who is known to pretty much everyone in British Columbia with a mobile device as @Miss604, will be handed the match day keys to our Twitter, Instagram and Facebook accounts from time to time to bring you Whitecaps games and Southsiders atmosphere from her point of view. She has been an active member in the Southsiders community for a number of years now, and we are absolutely thrilled to have her on board in this capacity.

You can read about Rebecca’s incredible career by clicking here.

She recently received top honours for her blog and Twitter from the WestEnder’s 2017 “Best Of The City” awards. If you think the Whitecaps have a respectable trophy case, you should check out Rebecca’s many, many, many accolades for her work across several different social media platforms.

Our first session of Match Days With @Miss604 goes down tonight for our Champions League match against the New York Red Bulls. We hope you enjoy this little experiment of ours, and your feedback is always appreciated: media@vancouversouthsiders.ca

Home Sweet Home!

Calling all Southsiders! This is our first opportunity to get out and support our Vancouver Whitecaps at home in 2017! We need to get LOUD and come out in numbers to BC Place for the home leg of CCL action against the New York Red Bulls.

Membership table opens at Doolin’s Irish Pub at 5:30pm and will be open until 6:15pm. The march will depart Doolin’s at 6:15pm SHARP!

Keep your eye on our Facebook page during the next few days for updates on all of the amazing match day specials available for Southsiders.

This year, we’ve added craft beer and cider specials, a new food menu for event days and so MUCH MORE so make sure you head down to Doolin’s early and check out all the new perks available for the 2017 season!


We’ll be there! Will you?!

We also want to encourage all of our members to be #bettersupporters this season. You have all done a fantastic job so far, but there is still much more opportunity to be better, louder and greater than ever before.

What do #bettersupporters do?

  • #bettersupporters strengthen the Southsiders community by socializing at our match day partner venues.
  • #bettersupporters make an effort to meet and welcome new friends wearing our scarves.
  • #bettersupporters are in their seats well before kickoff to show the team we’re ready to support them from start to finish.


Now who’s with us? #WBWW


VWFC Champions League Viewing Party!

Attention Southsiders!

CONCACAF Champions League matches kick off this week with your Vancouver Whitecaps heading to New York to face the Red Bulls tomorrow on Wednesday February 22nd. The official Southsiders away viewing party will be at Doolin’s Irish Pub.

• Kickoff is at 5:00pm – The Back Bar at Doolin’s is reserved for the Southsiders.

• Membership table will open at the Back Bar at half time. Membership package pick up and new sign-ups will be available until 8pm.

• Don’t forget you can sign up for membership online BEFORE you come to the viewing party (and we strongly encourage you to do so!). Please click here to get things rolling!


• All of our membership perks will be available for this event, including:

– 25% discount on food, featuring our NEW & IMPROVED sports event menu!
– NEW! Featured food special – Bacon Wrapped Meatloaf $14
– NEW! Local Craft Beer Rotator – $6.75 for a 20oz Pint of Stanley Park Red Eye Nitro
– NEW! Local Craft Cider Rotator – $6.75 for a 20oz Pint of Turning Point
– NEW! Bottles of Stanley Park Pilsner – $5 | Bucket of 4 – $19
– Goose Island IPA – $6.75 for a 20oz Pint
– Honker’s Ale – $6.75 for a 20oz Pint
– Budweiser – $6.25 for a 20oz Pint

• This will be your first opportunity this year to win the SOUTHSIDERS BURN YOUR BILL promo! This means that one very lucky Southsider will have Doolin’s picking up their tab (up to $75!) on Wednesday night!

Stay tuned for future news for specifics on our Craft Beer & Cider rotators!

Viewing appears to be unavailable at Roxy Burger for this match, but game day specials will still be in effect, including a 25% discount on food, $4 Southsiders Pints and our NEW cider promo, $5 Pints of Lonetree!

Come on out & cheer on your Whitecaps!

If you have any questions, please email Aaryn at events@vancouversouthsiders.ca.

2017 Launch Party at The Belmont Bar

The Vancouver Southsiders welcome you to our 2017 launch party at The Belmont Bar on Saturday February 18. The fun gets underway at 3 pm. This is an all ages event – minors are welcome up until 6 pm.

This will be a fantastic opportunity to meet some new friends and reconnect with your BC Place seatmates. This season is all about the Southsiders family. We’re in this together!

The Belmont Bar will be tapping a cask for us, and every guest over the age of 19 will receive a complimentary 16oz sleeve of beer upon arrival.

The Belmont Bar is also going to provide us with a complimentary preview of all their brand new menu items for 2017. Samples will be served from 3 – 5 pm on the house, and full servings will be available for purchase too.

At least one very special guest is confirmed to be joining us for the festivities, and we are working on a few other surprises as well. We have some great prizes in store, and you’ll be able to pick up your membership scarves too. Haven’t signed up yet? You can do that online now and pay in person at the party.

Click here to sign up or renew!

REMINDER: We will be collecting your cash donations for our #Talk4Erin fundraising campaign for @CrisisCentreBC. This is an organization that is doing tremendous work in our community, and we are proud to support their efforts. Every little bit helps, so let’s round up those loonies and two-nies for a very worthwhile cause!

Questions? Please contact Aaryn Vivian at events@vancouversouthsiders.ca

Statement from the Independent Supporters Council


Today the Independent Supporters Council (ISC) released a statement in support of our recent decision not to proceed with #CapsOnTour for the foreseeable future.

The ISC is urging other supporters groups in North America to exercise caution when travelling, and to show solidarity with members who cannot join them.

A copy of the statement has been reproduced below.

The original release is posted to the ISC website and can be found by clicking here.

Just a few weeks ago, Southsiders President Peter Czimmermann and Ombudsman Andrew Van Eden attended the ISC’s annual conference, which was held in Atlanta this year.

We are proud to belong to this organization, which promotes supporters culture and advocates for fair treatment of supporters, both at home and on the road. The ISC also serves as a resource for member groups to share information about supporters issues. There are more than 30 member groups from across the US and Canada who support teams at all levels of professional soccer in North America.


“The Independent Supporters Council (ISC) stands with the actions of the Vancouver Southsiders soccer supporters group to limit their organized supporter travel and calls on all ISC affiliated groups to exercise a similar abundance of caution in protecting their members.

On January 27th 2017, the United States government announced the executive order titled “PROTECTING THE NATION FROM FOREIGN TERRORIST ENTRY INTO THE UNITED STATES”, which amounts to an immediate travel ban that affects soccer supporters throughout North America. We believe that in these uncertain times it is absolutely critical that the leadership of North American soccer supporter organizations do all that they can to protect their members and stand in solidarity with supporters that may be affected.

Soccer was introduced to North America by immigrants, and our players and supporters come from every corner of the world. It is a global, inclusive game, and the ISC’s charter is clear in our opposition to racism and bias in all forms. A selective travel ban introduces bias into the game that we love.

As a collective of organizations dedicated to the support and growth of soccer in North America, the ISC also respects those that still choose to travel to international away matches. We recommend that those who plan to travel for away matches take all necessary and legal precautions to protect themselves and others while travelling to and from the US.

While we are encouraged by the February 4th ruling from US District Court Judge James Robart suspending the executive order; we ask all supporters to remain cautious until the order has been fully rescinded. We recommend that supporters’ groups refrain from ORGANIZED international travel and allow individuals to make decisions on their own.”



The Independent Supporters Council was founded in 2009 to advocate for the fair treatment of home and away supporters, promote supporters culture, and oppose both racism and bias inside stadiums in North America.

Visit: http://independentsupporterscouncil.com

#CapsOnTour Making News EVERYWHERE

Our decision to stand in solidarity with members who are directly or indirectly affected by US travel restrictions and increasingly difficult examination procedures has resulted in unprecedented media coverage about our supporters group and what we stand for.

We have compiled some media links below for you to check out the many articles and broadcast items that featured Southsiders member Anna Namshirin, President Peter Czimmermann and Vice President John Knox.

We ask our members to never lose sight of the fact that being a Southsider means much more than cheering for the Whitecaps on a Saturday afternoon. We were founded on the principles of equality and inclusion, and every voice that sings with us at home deserves to be heard with us on the road as well.

We would also like to express our sincere thanks to Anna for sharing her family’s story. You make us better, and you make Canada better. We are proud to call you one of our own.


We’re blue. We’re white. #WBWW




Print & Online:


Radio & Podcasts:


If we have missed anything, please let us know at media@vancouversouthsiders.ca 




Board statement on #CapsOnTour

Dear Southsiders,

You should know these words well: “Boundary Road, take me home, to the place where I belong.”

Our supporter’s group was founded on the principles of inclusivity, acceptance and respect for all who sought to stand with us. Since our earliest days we have stood for equality, and we have spoken out against racism and bigotry. We have always strived to be the place where everyone feels welcome. We are the place where everyone belongs.

As you may be aware, recent developments in the United States present some very serious and distressing implications for some of our members, both directly and indirectly.

Last night, the Executive Board and Ombudsman met in person to discuss our role in facilitating the away travel experiences which have come to be known as #CapsOnTour. We gave careful consideration to our Charter, our Code of Conduct, and an unprecedented amount of input from the membership.

We are in unanimous agreement with the following:

BUS TRIPS: The Executive Board shall not coordinate any bus trips to the US until such time that the current conditions at border crossings have changed. We cannot in good conscience be responsible for arranging or hosting events or experiences which potentially come at the exclusion of some of our members, no matter how few in number those affected might be.

AWAY TICKETS: The Executive Board recognizes it has an obligation to continue facilitating access to match tickets for away games. It is important that we protect the ticket allocation we fought very hard to gain control of. We are also mindful that many members booked flights and hotels prior to these recent developments. As such, away tickets will become available once kickoff times have been finalized, and we will provide you with the information necessary to obtain them.

DECIDE FOR YOURSELF: We are not asking our members to participate in protests or boycotts. We are not telling our members to stay home. You can make those decisions for yourself.

RESPECT: We have just one request – if you travel to a Whitecaps game in the US in the foreseeable future, we ask that you leave your Southsiders scarf at home as a sign of respect for members who cannot cross the border with the same ease and personal freedom as you do.

The Executive Board and Ombudsman shall continue monitoring the border situation and we will advise you if our position changes in the future. These are tumultuous and unpredictable times to say the least, which makes planning for the future extremely challenging. We will continuously assess our options and revisit these decisions when appropriate. Our ultimate goal is for all of us to move forward together in harmony and respect.

After all: “White is the colour. Soccer is the game. We’re all together.”


Dylan Callow, Treasurer
Peter Czimmermann, President and Secretary
Darcie Kerr, Director of Operations and Merchandise
John Knox, Vice President and Director of Communications
Andrew Van Eden, Ombudsman
Aaryn Vivian, Director of Membership and Partnerships

2017 Memberships Are Now Available!

New year, new season. Time to hit the reset button and recapture some of the magic that has been missing on and off the pitch the past few years.

We will be putting in a lot of extra work this year to let people know who we are, what we offer, and what we’re doing to make the match day experience awesome. We want members who have drifted away over the years to come back home. We also want to bring new members into the fold with new songs and chants. We want the city buzzing when it’s close to march time. We want to make Cascadia away trips the hottest ticket in Vancouver.

Most of all, we want everyone to know that there is no better place in town to enjoy a football match than standing with the Southsiders.

No more passengers. No more tourists. The bystanders have had a good long run at our expense, and it’s time for the Southsiders to step their game up and take the supporters end back, one seat at a time.

Click here to log in to your account and follow the renewal instructions.

The 2017 Vancouver Southsiders membership includes a gorgeous new scarf, a membership card valid for discounts from our partners, priority access for our various social events, and access to our away ticket allocation. The membership fee remains at $30. Additional fees may apply for online transactions, and if shipping is requested to a mailing address. Your items can otherwise be claimed in person at most of our social events and match day gatherings.

You have the option of paying your membership fee online now, or paying in person later. We will have a membership table set up at The Belmont Bar for our February 18 launch party, and there will be other opportunities throughout the season.

Either way, it would be incredibly helpful if you completed the online portion for us ASAP. This helps us keep things running smoothly, and it helps us plan for the future. Thanks!

If you have any questions, please contact Aaryn Vivian at membership@vancouversouthsiders.ca



Save The Date!

The Southsiders 2017 Launch Party goes down at The Belmont Bar (1006 Granville St, underneath Doolin’s) on Saturday February 18 at 3 pm. Event details will be announced shortly, but there will most definitely be beer, great prizes and *possibly* some very special guests. It’s going to be a fantastic event. You need to be there!

Erin’s Story: Why We #Talk4Erin


As our #Talk4Erin mental health awareness campaign has been moving along in tandem with the upcoming buzz around #BellLetsTalk Day, many of you have been asking about the namesake of these efforts.

Her name is Erin Dyk. She died on December 11, 2013 at the age of 24.

Though she is one of more than 15,000 British Columbians to have lost their lives to suicide in the past 30 years, she is much more than a number or a statistic. She is loved dearly by her family, and missed tremendously by all who knew her.

We came to know about Erin’s story through her sister Kristina, who worked for the Whitecaps front office a number of years ago, back when the Southsiders were getting ready for the big move up from Swangard to MLS. We recently asked Kristina to share a little bit about Erin with us, and here’s what she had to say:

“Erin was the youngest of three. Robyn and I the oldest.  Daughter of Mary and Dave Dyk. Funny enough during the Swangard days, Erin was actually around the pitch, opposite side of the Southsiders. One of her many summer jobs was working the BMO VIP club (a beer garden behind the north goal), and sometimes pinch hitting at any other ‘Caps events I needed extra hands at.”

Kristina says there’s no shortage of great stories about her sister, who apparently had a tender heart and marched to the beat of her own drum all her life. Erin was incredibly friendly and engaging. She was the sort of person who would drop their plans in a heartbeat to take the time to help a senior find their way back to their room at a care home, or to spend time talking (and even dancing) with a homeless person, because why not?  At home she was affectionately known as “Squirt” or “Munch.” She was an avid swimmer with the PoCo Marlins. She also played basketball, softball and water polo. Kristina also says Erin was an “annoyingly healthy eater” who loved spending time outdoors to be closer to nature.

Erin loved to travel the world, too:  Scotland, Mexico, Las Vegas, Southeast Asia. She also discovered a passion for scuba diving while she visited Malaysia. Kristina says her sister found freedom in those waters, and the ever-elusive feeling of peace.

“Her struggle with depression at its peak was about a year long before she took her life. Before that year she did mention seasonally feeling different or the blues, which ultimately was one of the reasons she was so keen on getting into scuba diving. Not only does being under the water help apparently, but her plan was to be here during the summer and then abroad in the winters teaching diving. Sadly it was just months after her graduation that she died but she did spend a few months of 2013 in Honduras teaching.

Our family decided right away to be open about the fact she died by suicide and that she struggled with depression and anxiety. This was mostly because it was something she had a hard time talking about. She didn’t know of anyone else going through something similar, people didn’t understand why someone who was always so outgoing and fun wasn’t able to work anymore, didn’t make it out to friends things, struggled to get out of bed. She was ashamed. Wrongly, she also thought she was burden. While we could openly discuss the fact she had thoughts of suicide and she was willing to seek help with these thoughts a few times, her dying like this was still such a shock.

About a month after she died it was #BellLetsTalk Day. I remember feeling pretty helpless at that point, but one thing I could do was talk, so I remember sitting on my living room floor and tweeting all day.” 

Kristina says her family has used the #Talk4Erin hashtag online as a means of working through their grief and encouraging helpful, healing dialogue – not just for themselves, but for other families trying to make sense of similar tragedies involving their loved ones too. She said her mom Mary had this to say:

“It’s been said that it takes a community to raise a child, well I guess it takes a community to help heal the loss of a child. Thanks for sharing your kind words, all of you. Thanks for continuing to #Talk4Erin. All of us together can make a difference.”


We are encouraging our members to #Talk4Erin and share their own personal stories of how mental health and suicide has impacted their families. You can make an anonymous submission by clicking here . Your stories will be shared by the @Southsiders Twitter account  on #BellLetsTalk Day on January 25. Even if just one person struggling out there can find some hope from within our stories, it’s worth it.

Please also consider making a donation to the Crisis Intervention and Suicide Prevention Centre of BC (@CrisisCentreBC). Tweet pledges to @Southsiders using the #Talk4Erin hashtag, and we shall collect your donations in person at our February 18 launch party at the Belmont Bar.

And finally, we wish to express our sincere thanks to Kristina and her family for sharing Erin’s story with us so that we may share it with you.


We’re Blue, We’re White… and we #Talk4Erin.