Saturday: A Galaxy Far, Far Away

After a much needed week of reflection, the Whitecaps are back in action against the Hollywood CashFlashers at BC Place on Saturday April 1st!

Be sure to join the Vancouver Southsiders at Doolin’s Irish Pub. Pre-match celebrations kick off at 4:00pm and the march will depart at 5:45 pm SHARP!

Membership and merchandise tables TBD.

If you have any questions regarding your membership package, email Aaryn at


If you have any specific merchandise requests for pick up at this match, please email Darcie at

Food specials for April 1 include:
– Maple Soy Salmon BLT on Whole Grain Bread $15
– Spicy Asian Turkey Lettuce wraps with Cashew $12
– Kale and Stilton Salad, Buckwheat Taboulleh $13 Add 6 oz NYsteak $8 Add chicken $5

Drink specials for April 1 include:
– Red Nitro $6.75 / 20oz Pint
– Stanley Park $6.25 Doolin’s | $6 Belmont
– Goose Island IPA $6.75 Doolin’s | $6.50 Belmont
– Honkers Ale $6.75 Doolin’s
– Turning Point Cider $6.75 **We’re almost out of this! Get your fill while you still can because this will be changing over to another rotating tap soon!
– Bottles of Stanley Park Noble Pilsner $5 | Bucket of 4 for $19

The Caps need us this week more than ever! Get to Doolin’s early, make sure you’re well fed and hydrated so we can be #BetterSupporters for our boys in Blue and White on Saturday night! Rain or shine, we MARCH! Let’s make sure the Galaxy are sent back to LA looking like the real (April) Fools!

Post-match celebrations kick off at Doolin’s shortly after 9:00 pm.

A Letter From Doolin’s Irish Pub

Hi there Southsiders, please click the image to the left to read a very important letter to our members from the General Manager of Doolin’s Irish Pub. There’s free beer in your future if you do!


Thank you very much to Doolin’s for acknowledging the importance of our partnership, and for making us feel right at home, day in and day out. This letter was a very classy way to respond to some recent concerns. The gesture is sincerely appreciated.


Part of being #bettersupporters means recognizing members and partners alike who put in the extra effort to improve the match day experience for everyone. As such, we wish to thank all the staff at Doolin’s for doing their best under difficult circumstances. We love all of you ladies and gentlemen, and we are very grateful for everything you do. We shall see you soon! #WBWW

Saturday: Brunch! March! Revenge!

The second home match of the 2017 season is upon us as TFC visits BC Place to take on the Vancouver Whitecaps on Saturday March 18th! Match kicks off at 1:00pm because…#CapsOnTV too.

Please join the Southsiders at The Belmont for their official pre-match party! This event is all ages and the doors open at 10:00am.

An awesome brunch will be served, and the NYCFC vs Montreal match will be televised starting at 11:00 am.

Food and drink specials will be announced shortly.

Our membership table will be open from 10:00am to 11:15am. If you have any questions regarding membership, please contact Aaryn at

Merchandise will also be available in a limited capacity. Table hours TBA. If you have any specific merchandise requests, please contact Darcie at

Reminder that parking will be FREE for Southsiders at Metropolitan Towers for this match courtesy of Advance Parking! Free parking rate kicks in at 10am.  If you still need a parking code, email Aaryn at and a code will be forwarded to you.

The march will depart at 11:45am SHARP, triangles or shine!

Come on down to The Belmont early, get in on some food, drinks and football, MARCH, stand and sing for the full 90, then join the Southsiders for the post-match victory party at Doolin’s!

We’ll be here, will you?! #WBWW #bettersupporters #3pts

Away Tickets for Portland – April 22

As you are all aware, the Vancouver Southsiders are not organizing any bus trips to the United States this year due to increasingly difficult and unpredictable conditions at US border crossings. We remain firm in our commitment to standing in solidarity with our members who cannot enter the US with the same ease as others.

That said, we have retained our ticket allocations for these important matches so that members who still wish to travel can do so on their own. Tickets for the Saturday April 22 game in Portland are now available in the Southsiders members app. Click here to log in.

Tickets are $60 Canadian plus online transaction fees. Limit 4 per member. Sale ends March 19.


We also wish to remind our members of our request to leave your Southsiders scarves at home. We ask you to do this out of respect for your fellow members who are unable to travel with you due to changes to US entry policies and screening practices. Please wear a Whitecaps or Cascadia scarf instead.

If you have any further questions, please contact Peter at

#CapsOnTV: Join Us For Tigres Tuesday!

If you’re not going to Monterrey for Tigres Tuesday, join us at Doolin’s for the official Southsiders #CapsOnTV viewing party!

Sure, it’s been a LONG couple days since that match we shall not speak of… but let’s put that behind us and focus on the good things that came out of Saturday… like those Sriracha onion rings!

The party starts at 6:00 pm, and Leg 1 of the CONCACAF Champions League semi-finals kicks off in Mexico at 7:00 pm. Food and drink specials TBA. “Burn Your Bill” will also be in effect, so make sure you make it down early, order the Southsiders match day specials, and earn yourself as many ballots as possible. Doolin’s will pick up the tab for one lucky winner (up to $75)!

Our membership table will be open from 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm, and also at half time. More membership cards are being printed daily, so if you do not have yours yet, please make sure to check in with us at the Doolin’s Back Bar to see if yours is available!

If you have any questions about your membership, please contact Aaryn at

Limited merchandise will be available on Tuesday as well. If you have any specific item requests, please contact Darcie at

Let’s pack Doolin’s on Tuesday, cheer on our boys in Blue and White to victory, and eat, drink and be merry as if none of us have to work Wednesday morning!


South Of The Fraser:

It looks like The Henry Public House in Surrey is going to build on Saturday’s super successful #CapsOnTV debut with a follow-up session on Tuesday. If you’re in Surrey or any of the other “South of the Fraser” communities, stop by The Henry to watch the Whitecaps take on Tigres and take full advantage of our excellent member deals while you’re there!


East Of The Rockies:

Any Southsiders or Whitecaps supporters in Calgary? There just might be a little gathering of sorts at Melrose Cowboys Casino for those interested in watching the match. Contact @mattbinyyc on Twitter if you need more info!

South Of The Fraser: Check Out The Henry!

The Vancouver Southsiders have teamed up with The Henry as our South of the Fraser Partner for the 2017 season! Perks for Southsiders members this season will include:


– All away games on TV, including the projector screen, with sound.

– Game day special of a burger and a beer for $10. The burger is your choice of beef, chicken, or veggie, and the beer is a sleeve of their house lager. The beer can also be subbed for a 1oz highball or 6oz house wine.

– Match day special: A $5 gift card to anyone in ‘Caps gear for every goal the ‘Caps score. Can be used at next visit.

– 20% food discount applicable 24/7 to members.

The Henry is hosting the first South of the Fraser away viewing party of the season this Saturday, March 11th, as the Vancouver Whitecaps visit San Jose Earthquakes at 7pm. Come on down, check out our new partner and cheer our boys in blue and white on to 3 points on the road!

For details on The Henry, check out their website here.

Away Viewing: VWFC @ San Jose

We’re back at it again this weekend as the Whitecaps visit San Jose in what will surely be a more exciting match than last weekend!

The official Vancouver Southsiders away viewing party kicks off at 6pm at Doolin’s. The match kicks off at 7pm.

Our membership table will be open from 6pm to 7pm, at half time, and post-match. If you have any questions regarding Membership, please contact Aaryn at

Merch table is TBA. If you have any specific requests for Merch pick up for this viewing party, please contact Darcie at

Stay tuned to our Facebook events page throughout the week for updates on our food and drink specials for Saturday! Also a reminder that the “Burn Your Bill” promo will be in effect for this match so make sure you’re there early and pick up as many ballots as possible! The more Southsider specials you order, the more ballots you get and you may just be the lucky one who has Doolin’s pick up your tab that evening!

The 2017 MLS Season Is Ready To Roll!

The day we’ve all been waiting for is FINALLY here! First kick for the 2017 season is Sunday March 5th as your Vancouver Whitecaps take on the Philadelphia Union at BC Place!

The Whitecaps hope to keep the momentum going after Thursday evening’s HUGE CCL win against the New York Red Bulls.

The Southsiders will officially kick off the season at Doolin’s Irish Pub starting at 2pm. All-ages at The Belmont opens at 3pm. Roxy Burger will be open starting at 11:30am.

Food specials for Sunday at Doolin’s include:

– Grilled Maui Ribs with fries & coleslaw for $13
– Wonton Prawns with sweet chilli sauce for $11
– Giant baked potato topped with bacon, corn salsa, broccoli, Queso sauce, sour cream & scallions for $9

Drink specials at Doolin’s include:
– Red Nitro $6.75 / 20oz Pint
– Stanley Park $6.25 Doolin’s | $6 Belmont
– Goose Island IPA $6.75 Doolin’s | $6.50 Belmont
– Honkers Ale $6.75 Doolin’s
– Turning Point Cider $6.75
– Bottles of Stanley Park Noble Pilsner $5 | Bucket of 4 for $19


On Sunday we will be running a couple promos through Doolin’s:
– 50/50: Spend big, win big! Proceeds from the 50/50 will be donated to our#Talk4Erin campaign
– Member prize: All Southsiders members will receive a ballot with purchase to enter into the draw for a VIP away viewing party in the Doolin’s’s VIP room upstairs. Prize includes 2 drinks per person and complementary applies!
– Beer Chugging Contest! (Yes, you read that correctly!) Entry is free for participants and the winner will receive a $20 Doolin’s gift card. This promo will run twice throughout the day so don’t miss out!

Membership will be open at Doolin’s from 2pm through 5pm. If you have any questions regarding membership, contact Aaryn at

The merch table will also be open. Times TBA. If you have any specific questions about merch, contact Darcie at

Let’s fill Doolin’s, The Belmont and Roxy Burger to capacity on Sunday!

Let’s get LOUD, cheer our boys in Blue and White (and TRIANGLES!) on to victory and bring home 3 points!
The March To The Match leaves Doolin’s at 5:15 SHARP! We’ll be there! Will you?!

TUNE IN: “Match Days With @Miss604”

We are pleased to announce that Western Canada’s most prolific blogger will be taking over our social media channels during select home games this season.

Rebecca Bollwitt, who is known to pretty much everyone in British Columbia with a mobile device as @Miss604, will be handed the match day keys to our Twitter, Instagram and Facebook accounts from time to time to bring you Whitecaps games and Southsiders atmosphere from her point of view. She has been an active member in the Southsiders community for a number of years now, and we are absolutely thrilled to have her on board in this capacity.

You can read about Rebecca’s incredible career by clicking here.

She recently received top honours for her blog and Twitter from the WestEnder’s 2017 “Best Of The City” awards. If you think the Whitecaps have a respectable trophy case, you should check out Rebecca’s many, many, many accolades for her work across several different social media platforms.

Our first session of Match Days With @Miss604 goes down tonight for our Champions League match against the New York Red Bulls. We hope you enjoy this little experiment of ours, and your feedback is always appreciated:

Home Sweet Home!

Calling all Southsiders! This is our first opportunity to get out and support our Vancouver Whitecaps at home in 2017! We need to get LOUD and come out in numbers to BC Place for the home leg of CCL action against the New York Red Bulls.

Membership table opens at Doolin’s Irish Pub at 5:30pm and will be open until 6:15pm. The march will depart Doolin’s at 6:15pm SHARP!

Keep your eye on our Facebook page during the next few days for updates on all of the amazing match day specials available for Southsiders.

This year, we’ve added craft beer and cider specials, a new food menu for event days and so MUCH MORE so make sure you head down to Doolin’s early and check out all the new perks available for the 2017 season!


We’ll be there! Will you?!

We also want to encourage all of our members to be #bettersupporters this season. You have all done a fantastic job so far, but there is still much more opportunity to be better, louder and greater than ever before.

What do #bettersupporters do?

  • #bettersupporters strengthen the Southsiders community by socializing at our match day partner venues.
  • #bettersupporters make an effort to meet and welcome new friends wearing our scarves.
  • #bettersupporters are in their seats well before kickoff to show the team we’re ready to support them from start to finish.


Now who’s with us? #WBWW


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