October 2011 archive

BC Place Loud and Proud in the Southside Crowd

I’m a Vancouver Southsider but I enjoy the taste of prawn sandwiches too much to give them up. So it was that on Sunday, when the Whitecaps started life in BC Place against the Portland Timbers, I was sitting up in the press box, stuffing popcorn into my face like it was oxygen and watching the game from above.It …

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86 Thank Yous From the Southsiders’ Vice-President

I’m sure everyone realizes what an amazing and awesome event last Sunday afternoon was. To think that this time last year the Southsiders were a bunch of a 100 or so people standing in the rain behind the net at Swangard out in the ‘burbs. Now we stretch back for over thirty rows in a …

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Thank you Southsiders, and keep it up!

Let me start by giving you all a big round of applause! I didn’t know what kind of feed back would be posted on the forum but I am more than pleased by the comments I have read. As head capo, I take my duties very seriously and am always woried about peforming them to …

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